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:MA APP: Maggie Dwitt

 Its like 2 in the morning ,so im just gonna leave this here and come back to proof read it tommorrow XD



Name: Maggie Paige Dwitt
Nicknames: Mag, Magpie, Magazine, Carrot top. (she hates being called all of these)
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 14th
Age: 17
Height: 5,2
Weight: 120lbs
Orientation: Heterosexual 
Occupation: Student, Works part time at the aquarium.

Super Hero/Evil Villain Identity: Koi
Powers, Abilities, and Weapons:
    Miraculous: The white pearl broach she wears on a band around her neck. When activated the orange and black spots appear ,these are also what times how long she has left before she transforms back. 
   Throwing Chopsticks: These are the white spears she wears on her belt, she uses them to grapple onto walls by either simply grabbing onto them or running up them like stairs. She also uses them to shoot objects out of her enemys hands or pin they're clothes to walls to trap them. her eye for detail allows her to be very precise with these to avoid hurting anyone. however these also make her stronger long range rather than short range.
    Special Power: Tsunami: Gives her temporary control of all water within a 1 mile radius. including rain and water in pipes. usually she cannot control this very well if the amount of water is too great ,such as beaches or the ocean or heavy rain. and the ammount of time this lasts for is usually not more than 15 seconds due to the physical strain. 

    Maggie: She is very anti social due to her social anxiety so this usually gives her a very shy and nervous appearance around people. She's her most confident when shes working at the aquarium or Painting. She is also very passive agressive ,so she never really talks it out when shes upset ,instead she pouts. She doesnt open up to people easily out of fear of being hurt or being a pushover.
    Koi: When she is Koi she is far more confident and puts on a brave and almost mysterious and elegant facade. the way she see's it ,she can be who she wants to be with the mask on because no one knows who she is. 

History: Maggie was born in France but her parents are from Britain. They came to paris when her mother was pregnant and decided to stay when she was born. Her parents were the owners of a world wide fast food franchise so they could travel and stay wherever they wanted. At first while maggie was growing up she was privately taught by her parents being home schooled, until she was 10 then she was sent into a co.ed school. due to being home schooled this ment she wasnt very well equiped in social skills and always struggled getting along with other students. so instead she took up art. she kept her art and her grades up ,average scores. eventually she inquired about a job at the local aquarium due to her love for drawing animals. she fell in love with the fish and the job. To this day ,nothing major happened in her life other than her social shell slowly opening up. but.. that all changed when she came upon a certain pearl Broach. 

+Sweet foods

-loud noises
-people teasing her
-her red hair


Kwami Name: Kaii

Faveourite food:Tuna ,irronicly

Personality: Kaii is very posh spirited. meaning hes stuck up and petty. hes very fasion forward ,so will often pick on Maggies clothes if they're not up to his standard. if you ask him ,the right way for maggie to learn how to use her new powers is to learn them herself, but he'll of course give her some guidelines. he cares for her ,but hes of course not going to admit that. 

History with Kwami:Maggie met Kaii when she had finnished one of her shifts at the aquarium one day and had found that someone has left a small box containing the Broach inside her locker. She was of course taken back when this small creature had appeared in a flash of light. she was glad she was the last one working that night because the surprised shriek she made was very loud, even frightened the fish. After a long talk ,maggie was convinced she wasnt dreaming and that Kaii was actually real. 


Partner's Name: N/A

History with Partner: N/A


Significant Other: N/A

    Andrea Dwitt (Mother)
    Steven Dwitt (Father)



Other Relations:
 Scales (her pet gold fish)

Extra Info
 -When transformed ,the mask changes her gold eyes to a fishy grey

Back of the suit:
Back suit by iSketchi
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What a beautiful design! 0w0

I'm not sure how well her and Cloe would get along.......

(Probably not that well if I had to guess right.)
Hi im Leo 13 years can u make me an oc 
I have black hair 
Brow hair
For the super hero maybe dragon or panda
Hello, my name is KR Bozick, and I'm a user from Quotev. I'm currently working on a Miraculous Ladybug x Reader Oneshot book, and I'm going around this site looking for OCs to use. If it's alright for me to use yours, I have a couple of questions. 

Which character would you like your OC to be paired with for this oneshot? This can be romantically or as friends.
Do you have any preferences when it comes to what will be happening in the oneshot? When I'm writing, I will be taking into account the traits of your OC, so you do not have to have any if you don't want to.
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Its totally fine to use my oc ^^ thanks for asking, as long as you credit me and dont change any major features of my oc im fine with it (and link me to it when its finished cause i wanna read it xD)

I dont really mind which character you'd want to ship her with ,what type of relationship or what happens, in fact id rather let you have creative freedom >v<b 
Thanks! I'll be sure to credit you and examine your OC's character traits before writing. I will also send you the link once it's published Nod  
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Do you do comissions? D: 
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Wow, your concept is awesome! I love the color palette!
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it's a koi fish! I love it!
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She reminds me of myself
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She's adorable >v< <3 
and i love her red hair, even if she doesn't xD
iSketchi's avatar
Thank you so much >u< i love your character as well , her suit is so pretty ovob
BeckaNeeChan's avatar
Oh, thank you >//v//< <3 
it would be nice if our characters could get along ^^ 
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The kwami design and the costume are lovelyyy
iSketchi's avatar
Aw Thank you ^^
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I really like your characters design! 
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She's very cool ;v;b
iSketchi's avatar
Thank you so much ;u; your character looks really cool too ^^
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Ahh you are too nice ;v;
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she looks awesome ::"""))
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Thank you ^^ 
iv was meaning to say but i think your chameleon is absolutely adorable >u< i love her suit
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aw np!
thank you so much ;v;;
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aaaa more cute bebs!!! that suit looks hella tho like damn <3 <3
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