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Carry On

How hard is the burden you're carrying? Trust me, you're stronger than that!

This work is a concept i've been trying to do for a long time... Finally could get the right resources for that, it speaks a strong message to me, every time i feel out of inspiration and motivation it makes me feel very bad, it really does. One of the best stuff that happens to me is when someone gets involved with the art i do, when people gets inspired, when it brings a positive message to them, when it makes a difference in their life, even if that's just a little spark of happiness in that day. It happened sometimes and made me feel like i'm blessed, no matter if the day is being a shitty day, i'm still blessed, cause i have my wife, my house and my health, and everything is perfect.

There are some people over this world which can do unbelievable things with the worst limitations life brought them, i'm not here to judge how you deal with your troubles, life showed me that we can't definitely measure other's feeling about anything. But here's something i can say: Is your burden really stronger than you? Don't let it get over you, just think a bit about what you did in your life until now and things you still want to do... Life's not beautiful, not at all. But i'm sure you can make it better, so Carry On!


Stock resources were bought and/or downloaded from free stock sites. Please, if you find anything that's from a DA user or something i should list/credit here, lemme know via NOTE, sometimes we use many resources and miss something, but my intention is not to steal anyone.
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I particulary LOVE this one !

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Oh, glad you do! That's a special one for me cause i had this idea in my mind for a long time until i found i good way to do that

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I would like to commission a piece of work for a book cover. Please contact me.

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I'll send you a note :) (Smile) 
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Very beautiful and is inspiring to me. Thank you.

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Thank you so much. Means a lot to me, glad you like it!
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So inspiring :heart: Also beautifully done!
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Very inspiring and awesome art!I'm really touched by your kind words and thoughts ! 
I sent you a note, please read it, I hope your answer is affirmative...
Best regards for you and your family .
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Thank you so much ! 
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impressive work, really nice! :heart:
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Thanks you so much!
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WOW! Cool concept, it's really inspiring
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Thank you, glad you like it!
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Escorreu um suor hétero dos meus olhos agora Waaaah! Caramba que imagem absurda, nem precisava de texto meu amigo a imagem fala por si só.Parabéns!!Heart 
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kkkkkk, deu um calor nos olhos né?

valeu mano!
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Your work has been selected to receive a Award! Congratulations!!! Heart  DD from me! Delightfully Deviant! by Pendragon-Arts   Tight Hug
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Really really nice one. Not only is it beautiful as usual, but I love the message within. One of those times reading the description did really enhance my enjoyment of the art. :)
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