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Well, I was never gone.  Went and did the VanCAF thing (which turned out well! Paid my travel expenses and a good bit of my printing expenses for my ever-expanding shop inventory).  Anywho, I'm doing the usual thing updating Metacarpolis and such.  I don't have any conventions coming up soon, so I might not be going out to that sort of stuff till next year unless something interesting comes up. 

The only real news is that I set up a tip jar system for Metacarpolis! I'm not going to be doing school or research over the summer, so I'll have time to do some extra pages.  There's a tip jar next to the news area on the main page now ( ) and for every $30 I'll be putting out an extra update.  So... that's that! Otherwise it'll be regular M-W-F updates.  I'll try to do that until October when I have to start worrying about classes again.

That title is just a leftover from ALL THE TAX FORMS I FINISHED

Anywho, VanCAF is still a little ways off, but I have a few announcements in that direction!  First off, I will be tabling with the fantastic Kadi Fedoruk of Blindsprings (!  We are gonna be COMIC BROS, or COMIC SISSES, or whatever, something like that.  We don't have table assignments yet, so I have no news in that direction, but I'll be sure to post a notice on here before the con.  I am also going to be hosting a panel on the BUSINESS OF WEBCOMICS, but the schedule's not out yet for that either so details on that are still forthcoming. 

I guess the whole point of this journal post is basically "I know things, but not enough things, so, you know.... later."

OH! And ECCC was fun! Super fun! Everyone was fantastic!

So that's it, then.

Well, the only real news I have is that it turns out that I will be at ECCC.  And not just attending.  I HAVE A HALF TABLE MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Anywho, the info's not up on the ECCC website yet or anything, but I will be sharing table G-7 in the Artist's Alley.  This is my first really kinda official actually-trying-to-sell-things-at-a-convention.  It's something of a test run for VanCAF, since I will have a lot more ability to reprint things and adapt mid-convention since I actually, y'know, live here in Seattle and all.  I don't have a whole lot of Metacarpolis things since 1) It's expensive to print color and 2) I don't have a lot of short-form things I can sell, but I will have prints of the chapter-enders and with any luck, I will have a B&W Metacarpolis minicomic ready.  The minicomic is actually an intermission that's going to go up after chapter 7, so it should be showing up on the site and on here sometime around the second week of April or so, but if you come to ECCC you will get to see it... like... a whole two weeks earlier!  Awesome, right? Anywho, it's something I'm doing that's canon and somewhat important (but not entirely crucial) to the story, but also not taking place in the current storyline (it happens shortly after the end of chapter 6).  It's mostly some worldbuilding and a teaser for people just picking up the comic, so hopefully it will be enjoyable both to you guys and to con-goers. 

I will also have the first two chapters of Four Tales as well as a couple of WIP minicomics (Cask of Hipster and Texas, Church Camp, and Me) and I'm hoping to do another random minicomic that may or may not have to do with Twin Peaks.  I may put up that last minicomic up on Tumblr when the time is right, but for the moment that will be con-exclusive.  I have some older prints as well, and I'll be doing ink and sketch card commissions (which I am pretty much only open to at cons due to time restraints, so FLY TO SEATTLE IF YOU WANT ONE). 

Anywho, that's it.  Night night.



Why, no, I'm not writing this because I'm procrastinating on reading journal articles for class! Ha ha, what are you even talking about.

ANYWAYS, gee, it sure has been a little while since I wrote a journal entry, hasn't it?  In that time span, my whole first semester of grad school has flitted on by.  And now, I'm already a week into my second semester, in which I get to be a real scientist and (hopefully) gather most of the data I need to write my master's thesis.  (She said with childish hope in her eyes.)

School aside, yeah, I fell off the wagon a bit these past few months as far as putting out comic pages.  Getting used to a new situation, furnishing a new apartment, etc. etc.  Even though my classes weren't necessarily terribly hard or anything, they really did manage to take up more of my time than they needed to.  Regardless, I'm back to updating Metacarpolis (fairly) regularly, with a few bumps along the way due to travel and the like. 

I guess the BIGGEST art-related news I have is that I'm going to have a half-table at VanCAF this year!  So.... I'll be there!  What I need from YOU guys is some feedback on what you'd like to see at my table.  I have a whole rundown of possibilities over at my tumblr >>… so go there, read up, and give me your opinion of what I should get ready for VanCAF!
Woooo I have an apartment!  Of course, I'm broke at the moment, so I don't quite have apartment things like... oh, a bed, or anything like that.  Fear not, the brokeness should cease soon.  Just have to wait for checks to clear.  Sigh.  At least my apartment is super sweet (for my tastes).  I looked at some real dumps before getting the jump on this one.  I got super lucky because I saw the ad pretty much as soon as it went up and was first in line to look at it.

Aside from that--classes are starting soon, and I'm about as ready as I'm going to get.  I'm testing the theory I have that I can draw my 3 weekly pages on the weekend (at least ink them--I usually color at random points in the week since all I have to do is whip out my tablet to work on that.  Paneling/penciling/inking requires my big ol' clipboard and pages and ink and bluh).  I paneled 3 pages and inked one today, and also did two hours of coding, so right now it seems feasible.  I need to relegate all the intense drawing stuff to the weekend because it's the only thing I do that requires me carry more than what I can stuff in my backpack.  It's rather inconvenient and I don't think I'd be able to do it between classes (I'm deathly terrified of accidentally leaving my drawing stuff on the bus--I'd rather not take it to campus at all).

As it stands, Metacarpolis is still gonna be 3/week unless things start heating up for real.  I still have no idea how much time my schoolwork is going to consume, though I'm hopeful given my schedule and my past record.  But who knows!  My classes may take up ALL OF MY FREE TIME FOREVER.

Who knows, man.  Who knows.

Oh, also my mother is visiting for three days.  These three days also happen to be the first three days of class.  She sure knows how to buy those plane tickets without asking me when she should come up.
Awwwww yeah, in just about 10 days I will be beginning the loooooooooong trek to Seattle, where I will be relocating myself in a fairly permanent manner (well, as permanent as anywhere I ever go, which is to say at least two years probably).  I'm going to be starting my Master's at UW, where I will get down with the science on a regular basis.  Well, I won't be starting on that for another month, but I do have to get settled in and get trained-up for a TA position.  Where I get to teach/torment people that are maybe an average of two years younger than me, because I can.  And I get paid.

I intended to move in to an apartment immediately, but considering that I wouldn't be able to actually physically look at any potential apartments and apartments in Seattle are hellaciously expensive by my standards AND I'd have to sign a year lease.  So I decided to just rent a room for a month instead.  Soooo... I guess I won't REALLY be moved in until October.  Hopefully.

Anyways, I will probably be taking off about a week and a half from Metacarpolis while I move and get my shit sorted. 

On a side note, I applied for VanCAF.  Don't know if anything's going to come out of that, but it would be pretty nifty if that could be my first real tabled con.  I was also offered a ticket to ECCC by the inimitable Cari of Toilet Genie, so I should at least be attending ECCC despite being too poor to bet on that one.  So... I'll be around!

Aside from that... no real news, I guess.  More updates to come once I'm settled in Seattle.
I know it's a bit late to be making an announcement, but I will be at ConnectiCon this weekend if anybody wants to drop by and say hi!  I won't be managing my own table, but I will be managing/cashiering for the Hiveworks folks.  So if you see a big Hiveworks sign... I will probably not be far off.  So come say hi~
Hmmm, let's see what I talked about last time...

Ah yes.  PERTAINING TO POSTING COMICS ON MY DEVIANTART: Such actions will cease soon, basically as soon as I get the chance to sit down and archive/remove all the comics.  I will probably just archive them, since they've got people's comments and such, but they're not necessarily gonna be in any prettied-up order or anything.  Once again, if you want to read them, I would suggest reading them at their respective sites since those are set up for proper comic-reading (reminder: and !).

As for cons, I bought my ticket headed northeast last night, so I will most definitely be attending ConnectiCon!  Once again, I probably won't have too much of my own materials to sell or anything, but I'll be there managing all the fine people from Hiveworks (no seriously, there's gonna be over 20 of us) and generally poking around.  So if you want to come and commission me or see what I have, I'll be around!

Toodles, and see you at Connecticon!
Hey evvvvvrybuddy!  I gotta few updates for ya, some of which are actually pertinent to things!

First off, for any of you that follow Four Tales here instead of being sensible and just reading it on its own website ( ), then a few bits of news for you.  One: I am going to be compiling a print version, and probably doing a short print run, but I will not have a whole lot of news on that front until after the comic is done updating, of course.  So, if you want to be kept abreast of that, send me an e-mail at and I will put you on a mailing list for updates as I get them! Oh, and it's only got ten pages left so YOU BETTER HURRY UP AND E-MAIL THAT SHIT.

The second thing is pertinent to all comicky people around here: after Four Tales is finished, I'm going to stop uploading all my comic shiz here, INCLUDING Metacarpolis, so if you wanna read that be like a real normal person and follow it from its website ( ) or one of the many other followy ways linked therein!  I will also be sequestering away all my comics in their own folders so they stop CLUTTERING UP EVERYTHING AND PUSHING DOWN OTHER ART.  I'm hoping to have some more time to finish ~real art~ after Four Tales is all tied up, so hopefully that will not leave my deviantart utterly devoid of everything ever.  But like, one submission every week or two versus submissions allthedamntime.

As for those two cons I mentioned last time--my plans for those are scrapped because I will instead be headed up that direction for Connecticon instead.  So I will be there, managing like a million Hiveworks people.  I might have some of my own stuff as well, but I am mostly going to be there in a managerial capacity.  But I should be around the Hiveworks booths!  If you ask for Erin, I will probably magically appear!

Phew, I haven't updated my journal in a little while.  Partly because there was a shitload of stuff in flux, but now I have a bit better grip on how things are gonna be for the next... well, while.  

First things first!  Projected end date for Four Tales!  May 16th!

Second things second!  Metacarpolis is doing well! You may want to follow it on its proper website !

Third things third!  99% chance that I will be at Anime Boston and Philadelphia Comic Con!  I will be at the Hiveworks booth!  Come see me!  I will probably have a few little things on sale but I am mostly there for tactical support!  I am always down for high fives though!

Last things last!  I will be attending grad school come September!  I will be moving to Seattle!  THAT IS ALL!

Phew, sorry for the lack of pages recently, but I'm a little burnt out.  My birthday was a few days ago so I've decided to take a little cool-down time and play some vidya gamez to destress.  I will probably be back later this week or early next week, so don't you fret.  

But first, a little insight to recent shenanigans: I got a job!  I just finished up training for a tutoring position, and hopefully I'll be getting some students soon.  If not... well, I'm sure I can figure out something else to do.  I don't have a lot of expenses right now so I mostly just need it to save up some money for moving to Washington.

OH YEAH. I got a good offer from University of Washington so I'll be moving up to Seattle, probably in July, maybe August.  I will be working towards a PhD in Restoration Ecology, which is just the bee's knees.  Hell, maybe I'll be able to work some engineering in there too so that I don't forget math forever.  So that's neat!  But I need to save up some money so that I can actually have, like, furniture and stuff.  I plan on making a permanent move so having that bit of cash is nice.  Also Seattle is a long way away and I would like to make that drive over the course of a week or two so I don't die.  

Also, I encourage everyone go and support the Sister Claire kickstarter!… This is being coordinated by Hiveworks, so we've been working on this a while.  Sister Claire is an awesome comic and I can't wait to have the book in my hands!
WOW these past two months have been hectic!

Mostly from a combination of starting a new comic and trying to get some health issues sorted out (read: I have a crappy heart, not life threatening in the slightest but really annoying if you're trying to do any sort of physical activity).  Hopefully THAT particular fiasco will be taken care of soon, but of course, new comics are fiascoes that never end.

I don't have to say much about the new comic, since it's kind of, you know, out and has its own website ( ).  I haven't finished thumbnailing the rest of the chapter so I can't be sure, but I'm fairly sure I'll be able to end this chapter around the end of the month, which is good because I was worried that I was gonna have another case of having a first chapter that's 40+ pages.  It would be AWESOME if I could get it shorter than 30 pages and actually have it look like a normal comic book size.

Regarding Four Tales, this chapter will be finishing up on Nov. 1st (which I do know since I actually DO have it thumbnailed out) and we'll be proceeding straight into... THE FOURTH TALE!  DUN DUN DUN!  I am actually in the middle of rewriting the script right now, which should make it a million times better and a bit more satisfying as far as wrapping up the comic.  We're finally getting to the crux of the story where there's less questions and more answers so STAY TUNED.

And I am excited for finishing up Four Tales.  Hopefully I will continue to have enough time this year to finish it up on time so I don't have to worry about two comics at once when I'm going back to school (or getting a full time environmental job).

Also I think University of Washington thinks I accepted their offer and am currently attending their school because they keep sending their grad school mailing list e-mails O_o
Phew, got just a week left before it's time to pack up and head back to Houston.  MY BODY IS READY.

Mmmmmmm not much new, going to be mostly doing web work when I go home full time.  Probably not full time enough to prevent me drawing a shitload of comics.  I'm gonna try to do as many as soon as I get home just in case something huge gets dropped on me that takes up all my time, again.  (It will.)

Current life prospectus is to do some web work and apply for graduate school while drawing as many comics as humanly possible.  My hope is to be putting out at least 5 pages of comics a week while drawing more than that to make backups.  2nd comic launch should be early September, probably after I get back from doing con things.  That will probably be on Monday and Wednesday.  If I absolutely destroy myself drawing I can have Four Tales finished being drawn by the end of the year so I can have a few months to recoup and work on other projects that need actual planning work.  (Intense planning work.)

Eeeeeeeeeeyup.  I like drawing comics.

Okay, let's see what's new... first off, I'm over halfway done with my internship, which I can't say I'm not happy about.  Even though it's a slightly-less-than-full-time engagement, it's stressful when stacked on top of all the web work I'm doing now.  That in and of itself is going to be a full time job as soon as I actually have the full time available for it, which will not be until the end of August.

I'll be returning Houstonwards mid-August and at that time I will officially be working full time as the web tech/CFO/shipping person/general handyman of Hiveworks Comics (  I will also be devoting a shitload more time to finishing Four Tales and working on the new comic I mentioned last time (which I will probably launch in September).  

It's worth noting that I have also moved again because summer subletting sucks and I will be moving again (in a less ridiculous fashion I hope) mid-August so that's stressful.

FT is also out of backup (well, I've got 4 pages) so that's stressful too.

IN LESS STRESSFUL WAIT NO IT'S STILL STRESSFUL NEWS I will be at SABOTEN CON IN PHOENIX, AZ this year.  I will be with Hiveworks, which is attending as a guest, and we'll be doing panels on webcomics as well! So if you're in the area, come look us up.  I might have four tales chapters and some WIP minicomics :3
Phew, it's been a while. What was I talking about?  Oh yeah, new comics.

Okay, to debrief re: things that have happened in the past two months:
1) I got an internship for the summer
2) I graduated
3) I moved (a few blocks)
4) I started working as tech for the nascent Hiveworks Comics network (
5) I started a new comic

#5 is still in the works, obviously, but I've got one page drawn and some rough outlines hacked out.  I'm going to be winging this one much more than Four Tales, as I want something that I can kind of twist and change over time.  The plot isn't as convoluted and specific and it's mostly just meant to be fun so I'm looking forward to putting it out.

As for an update schedule--well, it probably won't really have anything in the way of an update schedule other than "whenever I'm not drawing  Four Tales or working" which is a lot right now.  My work schedule is finally evening out so that I have 2 full days off and 2 days that are mostly office days, which means I can go do other stuff as soon as I get my office work done (the other 3 days I work 6-9 hours putting on education programs out in the field, so I can get some stuff done in the morning and evening but probably nothing substantial).  The network I'm teching for is also starting to settle in, so hopefully the work for that can be confined to small spurts.  

So things are getting pretty serious!  My schedule is absolutely packed, and I'll be moving again in a few days to my final summer location (again, just a few blocks, but still a pain) which, as a location in general, should be a better work environment (more space, less friends to goof off with).  I even bought myself a little craft/drawing desk so I can feel all professional-like.  

So as for that new comic--I will put a link up here as soon as I get a site set up and everything, but the update schedule will be... sketchy to say the least.  I can at least reassure you that the pages take less time than  Four Tales' to draw... but I actually have a (shrinking) backup of Four Tales.  I will probably put them out once a week or so until I start to get enough pages to do more than that.  The idea is to eventually be able to update it at least twice a week, but that's a stretch and my aim for the moment is to just not get behind on FT.

But yeah.  That's that.
Crossposting from tumblr because lazy and also I want opinions from you guys as to my proposed project, announced further down in the post.

Finally finished drawing the second chapter of Four Tales, and none too soon because the current chapter has about 3 weeks before it's wrapped up.  Hopefully that's enough time to thumbnail and draw the 11 page intermission (hint: it's probably not but I might try anyways just for shits and giggles).  I should definitely have enough time left in the semester to at least finish that much.

I'm also thinking that the end of this semester might mean the end of regular updates of WIP.  I'm not necessarily getting tired of it, but I dislike the idea of continuing to pump out autobiographical comics to the point of searching my memory banks.  I think I will still put them up when I feel particularly inspired but I'd rather focus on other things.  And speaking of other things...

In place of WIP, I think I will be starting another long-form comic project.  It's a story I've had in the back of my mind since high school and have tooled around with a bit on and off since then, and when I pitched it to my friends they seemed to like it.  It's a pretty straightforward comedy story with a bit of action.  The art style is a little like Works in Progress, but that's really only a vague barometer.

My current inclination is to just write the whole damned thing (or at least what I estimate to be a good arc of the story) in a few sessions and get started at the beginning of the summer.  It's probably not going to be something done with as much forethought as Four Tales, but hey... it'll be funnier!  (Then again, that's not hard.  I hope.)

Anyways, I just began plotting this whole scheme as of last night, but I really think it's time for a change in my projects.  As much as I've enjoyed doing WIP, I'd rather devote my energies into writing a humor comic that is actually telling a story.  So the timeline will probably be shifted backwards since this has been a fairly spur-of-the-moment decision, but I find it likely that I'll make a switch sometime in the summer.

Till later.
Just dropping in to say that I'm going to take a little break from WIP this week so I can get caught up on some homework and finish up drawing chapter 2 of Four Tales.  Not much to say behind that!  Your regularly scheduled WIP-related programming will resume next Wednesday.
How y'all liking 5 comics a week?  That's a lot of comics.  I haven't necessarily keeping up with that pace production-wise (mostly because I started/continued plotting out my NEXT comic project), but I will, rest assured.  I have a shitload-a backup.

Anyways, there's really not a whole lot of news, just the usual stuff.  I've got almost exactly three months until graduation, and then beyond that is the wild blue yonder of the future and possibly grad school (no replies yet, which is at least good in the sense that I haven't been rejected yet).  Also, it seems people are still willing to pay me money for website programming, including the fine people running, so that's cool too.

Yeah, my life is boring right now.  Sorry.
First and foremost, Four Tales has launched!  There are currently three pages out right now, and as I stated on the description on the first page I will be posting one page a day until next Tuesday, at which point the regular 3 a week schedule will kick in.  I just wanted to push things forward a little bit at the beginning, so... there you go.  If you want to follow the comic elsewhere, it's on a separate site ( and smackjeeves (  Also, if you scroll down a bit on the website, there's links to places to follow it on facebook, twitter, rss, tumblr, so on and so forth.  

Also, you may have noticed a new WIP strip!  Well, I started working on them again yesterday and I've already got Saturday's cued up, and the next week's strips are close to completion so... perhaps that will be regular for a while?  I'm thinking I will have days where I focus on WIP and days where I focus on Four Tales and just alternate as needed, although I've only got a few weeks' worth of strips written right now so it may also depend on my actually writing new strips.

But then again, I am getting ready to start a D&D campaign.  So there's that.

I'm thinking that the WIP schedule is going to be as it was formerly (Tuesdays and Saturdays), but I might shift the Tuesday update to Wednesday so you don't get dumped with two comics on Tuesday.  Also, tonal shifts from horror to comedy.  I'll be thinking about it.  Either way, the next strip will most definitely be up this Saturday.




It will be coming out Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday here and at my website so I'll be pimping that out when the time comes.  I made a more extended post about this at the development blog, which is currently accessible at until the new site comes out.

SEE YOU ON THE 17TH.  I'll be busy till then.

OH OH OH ALSO I quickly did the improvement meme I do every year, which is up in scraps because it's boring.  There is exactly one (1) new Four Tales thing on the comics one though, so I guess that's something.