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DS- Obvious X-mas

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Ooookay- that's super sparkles.
Um...not sure I'm sorry.
Tis the season to draw the cliched kissing under the mistletoe, wheeee!
I was in the mood to draw some shmoopy stuff tho' there ya go. And I threw some crappy shading on it too. As my gift to you! You're welcome?

Hope you like.

I also hope I'm able to make you the little Holiday episode I'd like to do. But in case I don't.
Sparkly Mistletoe almost kissy face!

Bugger I'm tired...

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Makes ron and kim look bad
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dawww this is nice
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BookWriter22Hobbyist General Artist
I don't know how I got to this, but i have to say this is THR CUTEST picture that I have come across. Like ever. They are a really cute couple in general
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superxtoonStudent General Artist
wow hey now!!..... :heart:
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14HornBrStudent General Artist
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star-bite13Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I shipped this really hard as a kid. Still do . 
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ReadGeek1989Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful :heart: 
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kittyrose-kakuriStudent General Artist
Seriously, you are so much more talented than you give yourself credit for.  love how you did's so classy and sensual, not even getting romantic really. It's more than that. Great job ^^
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whoa; steamy; liking the way you portrayed them; they somehow look like Latin lovers, Drakken looks like debonair, and Shego looks fiery.
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Serendipity1889Hobbyist Photographer
^^^^this!! perfect representation
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Oh this is precious
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the chrismas kiss
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Ooooh, it really isn't fair how much I love this one! I just kept going back again and again to this wonder, and finally decided to acknowledge my stalkerish tendencies with a comment :P
I think my favourite thing about this pic is that Shego's lips are fully coloured. It just makes the whole thing so much more mature, in my mind..

..and now please excuse me while I *squee*
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ha ha ha, I'm also one of those with stalkerish tendencies. I'm super guilty of loving a piece of work HARD, but then never leaving a comment for the person who made it. Anyway, this is actually one of my favorite pieces still. You might be right about the lips, I just like how the Doc turned out, and something about their expressions say they're going into the kiss without all their normal baggage. Uh...I dunno, is it weird to put all kinds of context on your own work after the fact? Seriously I just set out to draw an uber fluffy X-mas mistletoe pic. :shrug: Anyway, Thanks!
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Thank YOU!

Y'know, I watched KP the other day, and thought the chars looked odder than I remembered, and then I realied that I was using your art as a baseline :D Because now the way you draw them is my personal canon ^^

Also, if anyone gets to put context on your work, it's you. 'Cause you know best :)

So GL, and hope your workload clears up a bit, and keep being awesome!
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Oh good god! Don't use my off-model scribblings as a baseline for how the characters look! Glad you like so much tho!
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Cu-blooHobbyist General Artist
Oh the passion!!!
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Simply, beautiful!!! >w<
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Phoebe097Student General Artist
Wow, seriously wonderful work ya got here :)
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Thanks so much!
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awesome pic :)
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DrakebyRSHobbyist Digital Artist
Again a great job, hats off: D

I find the composition of this picture is you really succeeded.
A perfect Christmas picture to a perfect kiss.

Next month I will finally come to my previous works high note,
then you can also once again what to say Hihi:w00t:

Namely have a picture of Drakken and Shego in the works, which still fits well in the winter. A tip: It is always Romantic
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Oooh! I'm looking forward to seeing it!
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Very good job!
Can´t wait for the holiday episode.
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