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Miniplushie batches

Fri Jul 6, 2018, 11:13 AM
Lilplushies by IsisMasshiro

Well that went fast, almost all plushies got bought in the first day! I really need to make these even more and what I saw, spotty baby rex and goldfish-colored baby rex were the most popular ones. Good thing I still have plenty that kind of fabric so I can make more miniplushies with spots and dots. Big thanks to all who bought these weenies and also thanks to those who were interested. I will make more miniplushies in the future.

And here is a vibrating birb as a bonus: [link]

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Which kind in plushies?

Mon Dec 4, 2017, 4:15 AM
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Excuse my perhaps clumsy english.

So I ask from you people, which kind of plush toys I should make randomly (Sometimes I make plushies between commissions, for relaxing)? I ask this because I would rather put my time to something which I could most likely to sell afterwards.

Because of my limited fabric availability, I wouldn't prefer some specific characters, like pokemons or movie/game characters.

So my options would be now dinosaurs, dragons, wolfes, foxes, dogs, cats, bunnies, parrots and other birds.
Plushie prices goes from 30 € to 50 €, depending on plushie's size and shipping would be added into the price. Shipping varies from 23 € to 41 €.

I have ready patterns for them all. Which one of these would be the most desirable or is there more creatures or animals wanted?

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Post office and Steam hiding

Wed Aug 16, 2017, 2:42 AM
During resent years, Finnish post office (Posti) have risen their shipping prices and it starts to affect my plushie-selling.
Today, if I sell 50 € plush toy, it's shipping price would be almost 50 € (to distant countries like US or Australia) if it's packaged well and sturdy. Do we Finnish people have any cheaper alternative shipping services? I know Matkahuolto-service, but what I have understand, it ships stuff only to couple other countries.

And now some other stuff.
I had many friend-requests in Steam, from people who spotted me here and from The Isle-game (I'm Funereus in Steam). Unfortunately, even if I accept them, they most likely never see me in Steam anyways because I'm always "hiding" there.
The reason is that when I'm playing something in Steam, people always come to chat with me during the gameplay and I then either get killed in the game while my attention is in chat, or my gaming experience gets interrupted too often (I like to soak into the game 100 %). Does this happen to others too?

I can't wait the arrival of autumn. My favorite time of the year.


And now the same in Finnish:

Viime vuosien aikana Suomalainen Posti on nostanut hintojaan jo sen verran että se on alkanut vaikuttaa pehmojeni myyntiin. Tänään, jos vaikka aion lähettää 50 €:n pehmon kunnolla pakattuna (kaukaisempiin maihin kuten vaikka Amerikkaan tai Australiaan), sen lähetyshinta olisi melkein 50 €. Onko meillä suomalaisilla vaihtoehtoisia pakettien lähetyspalveluita? Tiedän kyllä Matkahuollon, mutta käsitykseni mukaan se lähettää tavaraa vain muutamaan ulkomaahan.

Ja sitten muuta juttua.
Minulle on tullut monia kaverikutsuja Steamissa niiltä ihmisiltä jotka ovat spotanneet meikäläisen joko täältä tai The Isle-pelin kautta. Valitettavasti vaikka hyväksyisinkin heidät kaverilistaani, he tuskin minua Steamissa näkisivät koska olen aina "piilossa". Syy tähän on siinä että aina kun pelaan jotain, ihmiset alkavat chattaamaan minulle Steamissa ja se joko aiheuttaa teilaantumiseni pelissä kun huomioni on chatissa tai sitten pelikokemukseni pätkiintyy liikaa (tykkään keskittyä peleihini 100 %). Tapahtuuko tätä muillekkin?

Tuskin maltan odottaa että syksy saapuu kunnolla. Lempivuodenaikani.

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Waiting the flood

Wed May 3, 2017, 10:51 AM
I have been really busy lately and that's why I don't publish stuff too often (again).
But when I'm out of my hurries, then I have some time to do something here too and here will be a flood of submitted art and stuff. It's a lot better to do art for fun when there isn't anything looming in the back of your head like "I need to finish this first". No mind peace until everything is done.

And it is true, if you're doing too much different things at the same time, results of the works get worse. I still have difficulties to take less works simultaneously and have real breaks. I also take too much coffee in one run.

So no any commission until I have released my flood.

I'm also almost scared how fast time is going and I feel like it's getting even more speed year after year. I'm soon already 32 years old and still I don't feel like an "adult". How that should even be feeling...But anyways, I hope this summer turn up nicely and I finally learn to stop doing things when I'm tired.

Reindeer and raptor in stock / fellow Deviants

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 24, 2017, 3:37 AM

I have 2 self-made plushies, which I’m willing to sell. They both are kind of practice where I wanted to perfect some parts of their patterns.


First is a white doll-like reindeer. Plush is about 30 cm (11, 81 inches) tall from head to toes. There are no wires inside and eyes are painted with fabric colors. On the right ear is a tiny red bell. Price would be 50 € + shipping (shipping price depends where plush will be send)…


Second one is a green “classic” velociraptor. Plush is 73 cm (28,74 inches) long. There are no wires inside the plush and eyes are plastic. Price would be 40 € + shipping (shipping price depends where plush will be send).…

Also, I’ve been asked to add these Deviants into my next journal entry so they could get more visibility. So here we go:


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Funny Finnish fauna and fungi

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 30, 2016, 5:39 AM
I have collected random funny sounding animal/shroom names in Finnish (my original language). Here are some and one of them isn't a real thing:

Harvakarvainen partakärpänen
Kiinan kaksipeukalohapuliainen
Muunteleva kasvinkalvaja

Happy new year 2017!

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Wed Dec 14, 2016, 7:39 AM
So Christmas is coming again and I have done the most of the preparations. Huge brown trout is waiting in the deep freezer (we don’t have a ham for Christmas dinner anymore, we have a fat fish) and all cards have been send.

But at these holidays I try to create a Christmas-sniffing-bag. It’s a paper bag which contains an apple, chocolate filled mint candies and a gingerbread. The combination of those items in the bag creates a very nostalgic smell and I love to eat contains. During my elementary school times all kids in school got their own bags with such treats.

I spend most of my time by doing my sewing- and drawing works and ice fishing. I play in Steam too, but usually randomly and by myself. I play games in long periods, one at a time. Now is The Isle-period going on and I just walk there around and do my spinosaurus stuff (protecting baby rexes and killing rude teen rexes).

During this year, I have got some friend-requests from different people, in different ways. I know some wants just to be friends with me and maybe do stuff with me, but I’m very introverted and nervous person. Too much personal attention just makes me uncomfortable. Anyways, I still try to answer questions if you have some, like always.

Jolly Christmas to all visitors

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Graphic works and The Isle

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 21, 2016, 4:02 AM
Summer finally came in Lapland. Several really hot days in a row are rarity in here so there is more reason to enjoy it at much as I can. *Grills in the sun and soon there smells like a barbecued flesh* I still have a lot of works going on and that’s why my comic releasing pace is slower (I make comics in my spare time, lol). One of my jobs is working as an illustrator for local shop which makes clothing for babies, kids, and some for adult too. Many products there have pattern designs and artworks created by me.

Paapero-shop in English: and in Finnish

Among with graphic jobs, I’m working with several plushie-commissions. Making a custom plush can take even months so no wonder if there is not as much spare time as years before. But money is needed and I can earn it by doing what I like to do. That’s neat.

Also, after many many recommendations, I bought the early release of The Isle-game. It is all about dinosaurs and it looks beautiful AND quite realistic (especially designs of the dinosaurs). Of course there are a lot of bugs and crashing, so gaming experiences can get short. But it’s fun as long as it lasts per game by now. There have been some really fun times with other players already, like a pool party of herbivores or hunting with a back of t-rexes.

The Isle in Steam:…

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Turning da clocks

Wed Mar 30, 2016, 5:08 AM
So again we Finnish have to adjust our clocks to the summertime, which means turning all the clocks forwards by hour. It messes some people’s daily routine and it affects to me too a bit. Now I tend to sleep late. But time always flies like an eagle to me and almost every day I think “is clock already that much?” But anyway, spring is coming and let’s see what kind of summer we’re going to get this year.

It’s also interesting to see how this Undertale-fandom is spreading. Many of my friends and known people have shown liking of the thing. I’m also very aware of the subject and I also think the game is good. Never played it, but it’s very entertaining to watch stuff related to it.

And Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC has hilarious horsedude-boss. *crazy neighing*

Here is some good quality live-cams where you can watch nesting bird of prey in Estonia.

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Donation and hares

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 13, 2016, 12:51 PM
First: I did promise for my pal Moira to spread information about the donation. It's about the cats:

Help me pay the vet.

Read/ Help / Share

Then hares. A lot of them. Mostly because we feed them with seeds. During the night they dig the snow (for getting da zeeds) around out house so hard that I can hear it in my bed and they also chase each other with a rumble. Such night-time entertainment.

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Winter came

Mon Dec 7, 2015, 7:52 AM
Finally the winter have really started and we can happily freeze our butts off. [link]
Our backyard has a highway of the mountain hares, bullfinches are whistling with a melancholy tune in the forest and snowmobiles are roaming all around. I managed to live in peace for now.

I also lately took a part to the Finnish “zander meme”. That fish which is shown in many of the meme pictures, is drawn by me.
From Finnish newspage:…

Merry Christmas visitors. *Goes sniff a hyacinth*


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Stressed out by now

Thu Oct 1, 2015, 1:15 PM
Making new art and comics here may get even slower because of my stress.
The reason of my anxiousness is resent massive amount of asylum seekers in my small town, all young men from Middle
East. We in here aren’t used to big groups of men on the streets and many women and children are scared of them.

Some people said that we don’t have any reasons to be afraid, but it still makes me very nervous.
And on the top of this, I’m still very sad quite often because I miss my mother who died couple years ago.

I hope things will get better by the time and at least I still have my dad, brothers and friends. And Halloween is coming.

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Doggy playing cards

Fri May 15, 2015, 10:54 AM
Now there is a set of playing cards with my art: Most popular dog breeds in Finland.
It was heck of a job to make all these breeds, but it was worth of it and I got well paid.

Here you can order the playing cards:…


Nyt on myytävänä pelikortteja joissa on piirtämääni matskua: Suomen suosituimmat koirarodut.
Oli hirmuinen duuni piirtää kaikki nämä rodut, mutta se oli sen arvoista ja sain myös työstäni hyvän maksun.

Täältä voi tilata pelikortit:…

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Work work work

Tue Nov 25, 2014, 12:18 AM

It has been quite a hurry after summer and that’s why I didn’t upload new art too often. I also have headaches and backaches, which prevent me for sitting on the computer for too long. But otherwise thing are going nicely, I have some partial jobs (mostly artistic ones) and I still have my fishing hobby.

If I will not upload anything on my journal before Christmas, I already wish jolly Holidays for you visitors. *Goes ice fishing while it's still some light outside*

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Success summer and spider offerings

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 6, 2014, 1:15 PM
So I have finally done with my studies, which were “Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration” (That the translator gave me from word “Merkonomin tutkinto”). It was quite hard run, I worked so hard that I even almost got a peptic ulcer (that was painful). But now all that is over and I got good grades and 2 stipends. I even most likely will get a job after summer. Success.

Now I can have a nice summer vacation and finally start to draw moar by myself.  And I also noticed that I can feed the spiders which enter my home to my geckos. But luckily I just got warnings here that they may have parasites. Thanks for telling! For now on, I sacrifice spiders to the ants.

Have a juicy summer


Same in Finnish / Sama suomeksi:

Olen viimeinkin saanut merkonomin tutkintoni suoritettua ja se oli aika rankka suoritus, sillä työskentelin välillä niin rajusti että meinasin saada mahahaavan (se oli hyvin kivuliasta). Mutta nyt kaikki se on ohi ja sain hyvät arvosanat ja 2 stipendiä. Taidan jopa saada työpaikan kesän jälkeen. Nyt passaa lahnailla.

Voin pitää kesälomani kaikessa rauhassa ja alkaa jo piirtämään itseksenikin taas enemmän. Huomasin myös että voin tarjota kaikki talooni tunkeutuneet hämikset gekoilleni. Mutta onneksi muutamat täällä kertoi että hämiksissä voi olla loisia. Kiitoksia heille, tästä eteenpäin uhraan hämikset murkuille.

Mehukasta kesää

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Goat ate my homeworks

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 13, 2014, 10:54 AM
Last weeks have been mostly writing, classes, homeworks, exams and such. But at the same time I found a goat simulator, skyrim and an awesome fish cam (I can watch fishes under the ice), so I have some balance with duties and fun. Still moar works are coming all the time and I need to be careful that I wouldn't take too much jobs again.

Have a jolly Easter *Nom lamb*~

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Couple weeks ago I worked a way too much and became so stressed that I got sick. I’m still recovering and take pills, but it now looks better. I’ll try to take things more laid-back now on, even it’s hard sometimes.

I also take care of my new sand-eye geckos, Mökly and Juokale. I got them in last spring and they’re going well. They squeak every night, eat bugs, dig sand and lick their huge eyes. Such a cuties.…
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Busy as an ant

Journal Entry: Wed May 1, 2013, 2:27 AM
I've been very busy lately, because of my commissions (they're quite big and take a lot of time), studies and daily life.

That's why I didn't have time to take any more commissions, requests or sort for some time or publish new art in here.

But I did start a new Left 4 dead-comic and it's info about uncommon common infected. Everything just takes now a quite long time to get ready.

Ps. This journal skin sure is interesting, lol.

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So I tried my first Resident Evil-game (RE6), which I got for Christmas. One of the most ADHD-games I've ever played, damn. Otherwise it's quite nice game, zombies were traditional and at least they weren't so hyperactive all the time.
Other game I got was Tokyo Jungle. It's addictive and there I  stomp on pomeranians as a horse and escape as a hyena from the pack of cheetahs. Jolly times.

Recently I've been so busy that I don't have too much time for making comics or other art.
That's why I got slower with publishing new stuff and even my commission-works got slower.
Too much irl-interruptions.

I relax with coffee and bunny-videos
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Journal Entry: Sun Oct 28, 2012, 5:37 AM
First in English:

I planned to get a dune gecko (Stenodactylus petrii) or couple. I have done a lot of research about the species and it's keeping, but if someone has an experience about this minigecko, can tell me information about it.
This gecko is almost the same size as my fire belly newt… , a really weeny little nugget, but a small reptile would fit into my home the best.

The big English exams went well I think, because I managed to answer all the questions. Thanks to all who wished me a good luck. I still wait for the results of the exams.

Nowadays I like Halloween and All Hallows' Day (Kinda Finnish Halloween) more than Christmas and that's why I wait the next week happily. And now these holidays have even more personal value to me, because they are dedicated for remembering the departed people too and I still miss my mom awfully.

I also found an interesting new Finnish website where I can buy a huge variety of fuzzy fabrics.…


And the same stuff in Finnish:

Aikeissani on hankkia ohutvarvasgekko (Stenodactylus petrii) tai pari. Olen tehnyt runsaasti taustatutkimusta lajista ja sen pidosta, mutta jos jollakulla on kokemusta tästä minigekosta, voi kertoa hiukan minullekin millaista on sellaista pitää. Tämä gekko on suunnilleen yhtä pitkä kuin nykyinen tuliliskoni, eli aika hengetön ruikku… , mutta juuri lajin pienemmän koon takia se sopisi liskoista parhaiten kotiini.

Pitkän englannin kokeet menivät oman näkemykseni mukaan hyvin, koska kykenin vastaamaan kaikkiin kysymyksiin, niin kirjallisessa kuin kuunnellussakin osassa. Kiitoksia väelle kannatuksesta ja odottelen yhä koevastausta.

Nykyisin Halloween ja Pyhäinmiestenpäivä ovat minulle mieluisampia juhlia kuin joulu, siksi odotan tyytyväisesti ensiviikkoa. Vielä enemmän omakohtaista painoarvoa näille juhlapyhille tuli koska nämähän on vainajien muistopäiviä ja yhä ikävöin rankasti äitiäni.

Löysin myös uuden kiintoisan kangaskaupan netistä, jossa on järkyttävän komea valikoima karvakankaita.…

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