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Dinosaur: PIZZA!
TheMightySaurus's avatar
Meep Meep *races off like roadrunner
The-Wild-Soul's avatar
No more coffee for the guy in front lol
IsisMasshiro's avatar
No more coffee for you
The-Wild-Soul's avatar
The first one looks a little crazy hahaha I'm not crazy
AlienDragonLover's avatar
Tich-Tich2's avatar
ahah its face !
lizz-elric's avatar
this totallly reminds of the movie 'Dinosaur' !! except these guys look friendly!
TheBattyCrow's avatar
go mimids!! ^^ haha the front one is all :Whee!!
Opalistic8's avatar

God, I wish I could draw like you~ TToTT *jealousyyy*
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Chasey1896's avatar
awesome! nice point of view, great work and nice colours1:D
mythori's avatar
=) nice colours!
And very nice work!
I like the poses!
IsisMasshiro's avatar
Paint shop pro 8.

Is that so? I didn't know...Oo

However, I did only color-repairs and background to computer.
lp-unicorn's avatar
This should actually go into the digital art section ^^ Awesome pic tho! Dinosaurs are pretty :)
IsisMasshiro's avatar
Umm...But I draw and colored those dinosaurs without computer first.
lp-unicorn's avatar said in one of ur comments that u scanned it in then coloured it with photoshop o.O And photoshop is digital art...whether the original was sketched or not.
Skreel's avatar
I love the view and poses! :D Beautiful!
Titossauro's avatar
Good work! Do you know the exatly size from the dromis?
IsisMasshiro's avatar
Ummm...It's length is about 3.4 metres ja and heigth 1.8 metres....
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