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Zombie problem

What would you do if you were chained up to a streetlight and big bunch of zombies are coming to eat you?
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ha I can see this happening to my cousin he sucks at anything involving Zombies lol.:zombie-chase: 
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You never knew what you are able to do before you tried it with a real motivation :) 
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I had a dream this happened but likely for me I called my little brother to get my sword and rifle also I added that zombies on on my ass so hurry
IsisMasshiro's avatar
Let's hope then your bro can deliver those stuffs to you.
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It was absolutely apocalyptic

BlackWulfeApex77's avatar
Stay up there as long as I can and hope someone pops by and distracts the zombies
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Well,..looks like I'll be here for a while.. ;A;
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Quite frankly... I'd just cry. And maybe they'd mistake me for a Witch or something.
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i'd climb the pole to the top and unhook my hands
IsisMasshiro's avatar
But if there is a lamp?
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then lean over and down to unhook it when you get to the top
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lol, this happened 2 me a nightmare XD but it was scary O_O
IsisMasshiro's avatar
What happened then in that nightmare?
HawkClawWarrior's avatar
well, the nightmare is kinda long so i'll skip 2 that friends oc accidentally pull'd a random lever n then thousands of zombies were runnin' at us....i climbed over a high fence n ran away but his oc was stuck n eaten...i have another one that's mixed with left 4 dead n amnesia....i'll write a comic 'bout all my nightmares ^^
IsisMasshiro's avatar
Lol don't ever pull random levers.

Try out, it would be nice.
HawkClawWarrior's avatar
ok lol :D i'll tell u when i'm done if u wanna read it :D
MichaelCatson's avatar
is not a problem... My problem is then i can't kill my girlfriend...(I haven't it LOL)...The zombie is the last
Shadowhunter625's avatar
if i was chained to a pole that would be very much me..........but not trying to scream my freaking head off.
ceraci's avatar
hehe, chew my hand of to get free?? Nah I would probably try to climb to the top and cry.
The zobie survivor guide is awsome =P
BrainDoesntLikeMe's avatar
At least the Zombies are too dumb to use stilts
Vladislav-Salata's avatar
I had a nightmare like this when I was little :o
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