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Coloured with wood pencils.
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i love your traditional stuff <3
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Nice job, man. :thumbsup:
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You can never miss a triceratops hind and her fawn ;D
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Reminds me of Topsy and Cera from Land before time.
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Wooooooh, yes!

This one... this one's a keeper.
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Wonderful. ♥
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The littleone is cute!
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aha this is the dino i used to always play thanks to land before time ... it still shocks me how some people havent seen land befor time :/
IsisMasshiro's avatar
Horrible, isn't it?
Tich-Tich2's avatar
yes indeed ... people who havent seen Land before time have really missed out on something in their childhood :P
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aw................It's a calf!!!!
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baby is so cute^^
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awwiiee mun lemppa dino! ^^ ihan must fave!
I like it also! Triceratops is my fave dino!
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These are my second favorite type of dinosaur. I love 'em. Velociraptors are my first favorite.:D
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