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Shallow Water dragon

By IsisMasshiro
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Shallow Water dragon (Design © Marrionetta)
from the Dragon Cave.

If you need to get your dragon eggs hatch or baby dragons growing up in the Dragon Cave, use this place

Other dragons and wyverns:…
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© 2011 - 2021 IsisMasshiro
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I saw this drawing at Google many years ago, but never found it again!
It's nice to see it again after such a long time!
What a beautiful dragon!
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Bautuful! It's so unique from other water dragons!
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Of course!! I just love the gold color and position it's in!
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I like dragons but this one...............AWESOME :D
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It's so pretty!!!! XD
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hi i'm making a trading card game and i was wondering if i could use this drawing for a card i will give credit where it is deserved and plus its a easy way to spread your art plus you can still use them for your project the card game is called Paragon Galaxy the concept is a galaxy built where all these worlds exist for the perfect galaxy . The galaxy will grow and grow until this perfection is formed
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I'm sorry but you can't. I don't own this dragon's design.
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that's fine i understand in the future if you ever want to support me in my conquest just send me some monsters
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I try to remember
SephironX's avatar
ok and sorry if i offended you with my question asking for your drawing
IsisMasshiro's avatar
That was not offensive. ^^
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Your wonderful artwork has been featured here -
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Your use of color is not what I would have expected and yet those colors make the image pop to life. I love it!
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I LOVE this! Nice work!
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aivan ihana *w* millä piirrät?
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Paint, Paint Shop Pro 8 ja Photoshop Elements
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