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Read about it yourselves if you don’t know what SCP-682 is.

So basically this is an immortal reptile (with beluga skeleton) who’s living in the pool of acid.
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When ever i hear 682 i think of this pic

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“I *&$!@%$ HATE YOU @#*^&$@#%$&!@ APES!!!!”

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Dear god... it’s.... BEAUTIFUL!
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The one thing that frustrated SCP-096 so much that it just gave up on trying.

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Awesome job! I like the detail.

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SCP-682 or "the lizard who is to angry and hateful to die". :)

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A Beluga skeleton?! But Belugas don't have feet or a mouth full of bone-crushing teeth.

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This creature is based only a one photo of beluga-skeleton and from there you can see only some parts of spine and jaws. Rest are just creature's creator own imagination. *Forms a rainbow with hands*

Wow! That's really something! Can I have your TV?

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Haha, I don't have TV.

I was referencing Squidward

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Oh, then I missed reference. Haven't watch spongebob in ages.

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*insert SCP roaring*
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"But my hope will never die"

It's a great picture. Can I use your work on my YouTube video? I want to make an image about SCP.

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Yea sure. Just put somewhere a mention where you got this picture then.

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Very accurate to decay. Your anatomy is impeccable.

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A great pic of one of the classic SCPs.

Also apparently Butch Hartman used this image as a reference for what 682 actually looks like after he tried drawing a couple just going by the description he was given in a video he posted about two weeks ago.

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That's actually quite neat to know.

This is by far one of my favorite scps of all time

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