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Penumbra: Overture

By IsisMasshiro
That dog only wants another beef jerky to “distract” it.

Penumbra © Frictional Games
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© 2009 - 2021 IsisMasshiro
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oh i guessed it 
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Awesome art. I love the penumbra series. 😄
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this is an awsome picture Im Gonna Use This For one episode of my Penumbra Overture  Playthrough i will give you credit
you can check it out here tommorow :…
IsisMasshiro's avatar
Ah, super and go for it. ^^
PolishFury1996's avatar
Cool thank you. You can check out the video here it been uploaded now :…
IsisMasshiro's avatar
Looks good. Adn you also managed to avoid those doggies quite well.
PolishFury1996's avatar
Thank you for letting me use your picture and thanks for checking out my video i appreciate it. #BigSmelly
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Great work of art again, Isis! :clap:
I do want a dog, but I don't think I want that one! :o He surtainly doesn't look friendly!
I like how you made the details on the person hiding, and the approaching dog. The facial expression on the dog looks hungry and wild, and it's easy to see that the person is scared. Can you hide from the dog? Dogs can smell people, even though they're hiding.
I've never played Penumbra before, only seen a little gameplay and doesn't know what it is all about. Are the you just as helpless as you are in Amnesia, or can you actually fight enemies, including that dog? Is the dog in all three Penumbra games? :)
IsisMasshiro's avatar
Thank you. ^^
And in the game you can hide from dogs. In Amnesia you will be a lot more helpless than in Penumbra.
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i am killed that dog
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Hello there! I have to say this drawing is fantastic! I am just starting a new let's play of Penumbra: Overture, but I do think that you captured the fear factor of the game perfectly :) Gold Star for you!
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ey nice drawing man! Can i use this drawing for my youtube channel? I play a lot of jumpscare games and Amnesia cumstom storry's. Can i use it for a intro like a splash logo for like 5 seconds and then fades and my video starts i give you the credits and tell them who made this oke ? You can see it back on if you agree
IsisMasshiro's avatar
If you give the credits, then go for it.
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Hey, after all the dogies aren't that hard to kill... I mean, I killed the first I found outside the office really easily using a heavy rock, and it didn't even hit me once, let alone it run away EVERY time I hit it and it was really easy to re-hit it afterwards... Though I didn't use my hammer so I can't know how hard they are to kill that way.
Well, at least they are not that ugly.. The nudedudes are too freaking creepy, I think I will just start screaming once one attacks me...
And btw, this is my second comment containing no feedback so, let's comment:
I really love the way you combine the cartoonish style with marged brushstrocks to create this obscure effect! I also love Philip's expression he is like: "Omg, I am f*cked" -he is that way throughout all the game though-
The dog looks cool too, I like the glowy eyes they are EXACTLY like in game! (and i remember well since I last killed one 10 minutes ago)
Gj, keep it up!
IsisMasshiro's avatar
Perhaps the timing with hitting is the key indeed?

Same here. I hate teleporting naked guys.

Thank you and I'll try!
TheRainGirl's avatar
I guess.. Timing is important to avoid getting hit. (maybe the fact that I play at easy mode is also important ;p)

Teleporting naked guys? You are a bro aren't you? *brofist*

Your welcome!
AndYetItMoves17's avatar
Lol....Phillip's eyes XD
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after a while they just were not that scary. You could kill them with the pickax or though stuff at em, like a rock.
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How do you kill the enemies at Penumbra?? I mean I am used to Amnesia where the only potential you have to survive is: RUN AND HIDE FOR FCKS SAKE!!! *where is that wardrobe btw?* Before starting Penumbra I'd like to know how monsters are killed :D
IsisMasshiro's avatar
Dogs takes a lot of hits and nudedudes doesn't die at all.
TheRainGirl's avatar
Aha... not really an optimistic potential but at least I have played Amnesia first :D
IsisMasshiro's avatar
Well those are better than guinea pig-sized wasps.
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