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Making patterns and sewing toes



People have asked me many times how I make my plushies, but I’m really bad to explain stuff in English, so now I try to show how I made some parts of my plushies through the pictures.

- The first part shows 3 different ways to make the toes, fingers and paws for the plushies.

- Second part shows that if you know how the plush looks from the side, then you can make all other patterns from the side-part.

- Third part shows how the forehead-pattern can be done by using the body-pattern as a base. It works too on the creatures with horns, like dragons.

Photographs are an examples from my plushies, were I used these pattern/sewing methods.
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Omg the head pattern trick is SO HELPFUL. I've been using string and a ruler to measure the distance between curves and points and drawing it that way, but this is SO much more efficient!