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Lucid dream jump scare

Some time ago I saw a dream where I was a dog, being cleaned up in some kind of vet/pound. I wanted to test out how people would react, if I pull out a friggin’ John Carpenter’s Thing-trick on them.
Apparently caretakers in my dreamworld have already seen some sh*t.
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The card on your crate reads:


Cerbie is fun loving, but gets anxious in the tub! 
This dog has special needs, adopters will have to interview with our vet prior to adoption.
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"ugh, another one, at least it didnt come out of where sun doesnt shine like the last one"

im pretty sure caretaker thinks something like that
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Kinda takes the fun out of your pranks if nobody freaks out

Though I remember a dream where I got cornered by a psychotic version of Hau from Pokemon, then proceeded to scare him by turning into a FNAF animatronic and yeeting him into the upper atmosphere.
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isn't it sweet when you get your dream in control eh?
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the yeeting was glorious
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Something didn't worked
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XDDDDDDDDD  This is great!
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Wahahahahahaha!!!! XD This made my day! :love:
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Would've been funny if this was some forgotten deleted scene. XD 
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I didn't read the words at first so I thought the dog just had brain damage in the last panel. 
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Last panel had me in stitches:D
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I should try to do some "Dream Comics", but they will most likely revolve around me falling down stairs. That seems to be the Boogyman's kink or some crap. -3-;
IsisMasshiro's avatar
You sure has something against stairs huh? XD
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I do thanks to my dreams. XD I'm actually quite terrified of them. Lol
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probably had to bathe Cerberus for Hades on MULTIPLE occasions...or just some Hell Hounds for Crowley Hello Crowley 
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You have some of the weirdest dreams... hilarious ones though
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And this is not even the weirdest ones. But as you said, it was funny.
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I can just imagine the caretaker just sighing wearily. 
"Why do I always get the weird ones".
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I be like that dog duse  the jump scare mighty fine 

nice art
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did you ask the other head what went wrong? lol
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