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Large snakey-plushie

This large plushie is based on these creatures: [link]

"Unspecified snakey" is now biggest plushie what I have ever made, it is 234 cm long. Plushie’s claws and eyes are plastic and it don’t have any wires inside it.
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Please can you make me one of those I really like it

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Thanks for being interested, but I can't make this humongous plushie for now or anytime soon (not in this year at least). It takes tons of fabrics and cotton fool.

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He sure is I would like one

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odd markings on this one
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Yes, they're totally random.
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Really cool and its so cute! :D. Howd u get it to pose? Is it wired? :P
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There is a wall behind it.  XD No any wires were used.
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Oh! Ha that's clever! Lol I didn't see the wall wtf xD
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I think of all the plushies you've done, this one is my favourite.  Add to that, I already love the four-legged snakes you did, this is pretty damn cool.  
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Thanks, this one maybe was most expensive plushie I have ever made, because just of it's huge size.
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Are you willing to sell to me? Reply to me at

My friend loves this stuff!
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Sadly this plush is not for sale but thanks anyway!
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does anyone know a good way to learn how to make these plushies?? Also, I too would like to know how to incorporate the plastic pieces. Thanks! :D LOVE THESE PLUSHIES!! 
IsisMasshiro's avatar some books about sewing? And there is a lot of tutorials in the internet.
Thank you.
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okay. thanks for the "insight"
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how do you get plastic parts on the plush? and how would you put in glass/plastic eyes/parts?
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Eyes are normal plastic safety eyes:…
And claws are plastic buttons:…

Here you can see how the eyes are installed:
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Ok! thanks so much for the help! I'm gonna be starting my own plush toys soon! Btw, do you ever make toys with wire frames inside them so their pose-able? Cause I was wondering if you did, how did you get the wire inside the plush to stay in one spot?
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I want that o_o
What type material did you use for it?
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Soft, a little fussy fabrics.
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