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LBT - Upgrade

By IsisMasshiro
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It has been a long time since I made anything Land Before Time-related.
Lately more and more dinosaurs have gotten feathers in this franchise.
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A fluffy dinosaur... Thanks to science we know now, that the epic predators of the past where not just cool, but cute too.

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They're nice and cuddly now. :D

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Is that Chomper's mom?

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I don't personally like the new feathered dinosaur trend everybody is doing. I can't helping going "but that's not what they looked like when I was growing up! :iconffplz:" and "Dr. Grant said they had more in common with birds than reptiles, not that they ARE birds!"

I donno, I guess I'm not a big enough dino-fan to care about all the recent breakthroughs in what has been learned about them. I gave up trying to learn about them because they keep finding out new stuff so no matter how much you know, you never know anything because something new has been discovered. I liked them the way they looked when I was a kid. maybe I should consider my kind to be "fantasy dinosaurs" that are kinda like dragons, inspired by the real thing but actually just made-up :paranoid:
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Real life animals evolved to survive, not to satisfy your particular aesthetic tastes.

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Well, matter of taste I guess and don't worry. There is still a tons of featherless dinos.
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I just laughed so hard my mom looked over and asked if I was broken XD
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the reason why every predator fails to hunt the Little foot and his pals, PLOT ARMOR
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Though, I must point out, while the Raptors are looking good with the feathers, the T-Rex doesn't really need much of a change. Some folks have gone out and did a lot more research and experimenting, and they believe this is the most accurate appearance of a Tyrannosaur:…

Still, fun comic. Love your work!
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I've seen some variations of Tyrannosaurus with only a licht coat of feathers and some eith only feathering in some sections,

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Indeed, I have kept eye on resent dinosaur news. ^^

Like that other raptor said, their look most likely will keep changing lol.
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The rainbows and butterflies perfectly sum up what the Land Before Time series has become.

Why don’t they upgrade their predators?
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If only we got to see the uncut footage or LBT got a PG 13 rating
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My God rex! That's one way to do it x3
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Bwahahahaha! :rofl:
This is the funniest thing I've seen in weeks! Their expressions are just too much, and the ending is even worse. :heart: :love: :heart:
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