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L4D - At Freddy's

Left 4 dead © Valve
Five nights at Freddy’s © Scott Cawthon

If text has errors, tell me and I’ll fix.

Sooner or later I had to draw something about FNAF.

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Heh, I recently downloaded a few Fnaf-themed maps for Left4Dead 2 and Fnaf-skins for the common infected. It becomes crazy, when they attack and since the power gets drained pretty fast, the tactic of closing one door and concentrate on one side instead of two sides.

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It's been so long Since I last have seen my PILLS Lost to this monster To the DIRECTOR behind to SMOKER

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Checkmate confirmed.

Francis is The Man Behind The Slaughter.

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Here comes Foxy with the atomic elbow!!!!!!

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thats priceless
Me seeing the head crab about to be stuffed into a plushie: noooooooo
Me seeing the plushie hopping around with head crab legs poking out of the arms: yaaaaaaaay
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So it all turned out to be cute lol
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hahahaha fantastic
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The ultimate crossover of all time
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What about L4D + Jurassic Park/Word?
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"i hate kids"
love the little details
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Francis is the Man Behind The Slaughter
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You know fighting Zombies by using robots sounds like a movie or a game I would watch or play.
I wonder if there's actually something like that. Then again in this day and age it probably does exist somewhere....
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That's CoD Black Ops III Nightmares mode

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There must be at least one of that kind of thing somewhere.
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the "i hate kids" mug… i need that
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Apparently many does lol.
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Everyones hate kids
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Why is louis in a caterpie sleeping bag
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