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I take random dinosaur-book, close my eyes, open book and poke my finger somewhere into opened page. Then I drawed that dinosaurs what I poked.

It was hypsilophodon.
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Aaww, what a cutie!:3
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He's so sweet! I like the talons and beak coloration. He's gotta tell me the nail polish he used!
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Brother... is that you?
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They have those in the land before time III. Hyp.
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He or she looks so cute!
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small and cute.
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You gave it very nice eyes.
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Reminds me of the art on land before time.
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This is really good.
Gotta love dinosaurs. ^_^
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Probably the hippest Hyp i've ever seen yetB-)
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it looks... kinda girlie XD
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Awwwwwww, how very cute! :aww: You did the pose very well! :clap:
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Jess! Ikävöin dinojasi.<3

Ihana.Jalat ja kädet on tehty hyvin.Ja lajin tunnistaa hyvin. :)
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nice one ^_^

btw cool idea, I think I'll do the same (I mean, draw the dinosaur my finger will poke)
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Awwww so cute!!!
Aww, awesome<3
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Aivan ihana!
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AW! This is adorable, you've captured this so well and the angle is great! It has such a cute little face! :hug:
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