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Guardian dragon

Guardian dragon from the Dragon Cave
Design © Silvanon, Dovealove, Kila, Mad and Pokemonfan13

If you need to get your dragon eggs hatch or baby dragons growing up in the Dragon Cave, use this place

Other dragons and wyverns:…

Used brushes:………
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I didn't know you drew DC??
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So amazing :D You should make an electric dragon ;)
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OMG, so beautiful!! :omg:
I love dragons! :love: This is beautiful and very well done! I like how you colored and shaded the dragon, and everything look so real, also the snow. Well done! :clap:
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Oh, I love this! DC is such an awesome place <3 Do you have a forum account, by any chance? I think you'd enjoy sketching in the Dragon Requests section and learn a lot, and even learn how to sprite (if you don't sprite already). Keep up the great work!
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It is and sadly I don't have forum account. Thanks for advises. ^^
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Oh, you should definitely make one! You'd have access to Dragon Requests and be able to create ideas for new breeds or make art for others', and even possibly become a site artist some day.
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I maybe would, but for now I'm already so busy that I wouldn't have time for all that. ^^'
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a bit heavy on the scale texture. but a very cool painting
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That looks awsome!! By the way have you ever tried this site before, it's called eggs around the world. The are like where people help hatch your eggs. You get this cool little thing to post on all different web-sights. You should check it out.
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"Look, you can see my breath! hhaaaaahhh~"
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He looks awesome
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Tuo sarvi, joka menee tämän lohiksen silmien edestä muistuttaa minua jotenkin Dannyn hahmoa Grease musikaalista. Juuri tuollainen "I'm fabulous, deal with it." asenne on hienoa tässä lohiksessa :D…

Pitää taas ihailla noiden suomujen määrää tässä kuvassa, niitä on niin paljon ja ne kaikki näyttävät upeilta kuten koko kuva myös :)

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koskaan ole nähnytkään, mutta olet varmaan oikeassa. XD
Tykkään kiillottaa suomuja.
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RRooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrr!!! Dragons Freakin' Rock!
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Mitä on tämä täydellisyys D8< siis toi anatomia on fantastista, noi siivet on mahtavat ja noi kynnet, hampaat ja muut on niin eeppisiä!! Ja kaikki noi värit, valostukset, varjostukset ja yksityiskohdat on niin taivaallisia ja toi taustakin on niin ihana<33
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Ohoh, kiitosta. Oo
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