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Green dragon

Green dragon (Design © :iconlaughing-dove: ) from Dracon Cave

If you need to get your dragon eggs hatch or baby dragons growing up in the Dragon Cave, use this place [link]

Other dragons and wyverns:
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must favorite all DC dragONS
LiyoTreasure's avatar
A green dragon like me!! :)
XolarDark's avatar
Wildstar-Wildheart's avatar
This is going to be in my story 'The Last Dragon', chapter 3
IsisMasshiro's avatar
There's green mean dragon?
Hindering's avatar
I looked through a bunch of your draggies and favorited them, they're badass. :3
TheDilophoraptor's avatar
Greens are my Favorite Breed, i don't really know why though.
firewyrm2018's avatar
wooo major favbomb!!!
your dragon drawings are awesome!
PhilipTolhurst's avatar
This is something like how I imagined the hero dragon in my book George and the Dragon would look.  Very nice.
queendarkness12's avatar
Can I use it to describe a character of mine's fully grown dragon?
IsisMasshiro's avatar
I'm sorry but no, if it's not a Dragon Cave-themed character. This dragon's design isn't mine.
queendarkness12's avatar
okay but check out my journals
TheeDragonNight's avatar
I love this dragon so much. It's look like my dragon. (I dreams with a dragon. The dragon was me. You can see the dragon in my profile picture.)[link]
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He's probably only so ticked off because his wings are ripped. That'd be painful for anyone, no matter how big and tough.
koushe's avatar
ah, my first one from DC :D
DiamondDragon33's avatar
Your art is too awesume for words!!:D
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