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I made this only with Paint.

REALLY old one.
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Have you considered drawing the Primal Rage characters? I should think that they end up looking AWESOME in your style
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Only if I'm interested of that game
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You should check it out, it's an older game, but the lore (if you do some digging) and characters are pretty cool.
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For the longest time, I thought Giganotosaurus was "Gigantosaurus" as in jye-gant-oh-sawr-us until now. Anyone else make the same mistake, or is it just me? -__-
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I did too when I was younger and fresher. XD
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Welp, everyone makes mistakes :D When I was younger and fresher I didn't care to look at how the name was spelled and as a result, I said "jye-gant-o-sawr-us" for the longest time ever. -___-
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Haha, I did kinda same thing too when I was a kid.
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Well, I guess that makes two of us now. Smiley: Laughter 
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Hello! friend
I would like to paint the toy figures like a pattern of your artwork later
Are you okay?
(It may be awkward to translate as a Google translator.)
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Sure! Show it to me when it's ready?
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Whoaa, this is absolutely amazing! :D
I love the style too!
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Appreciate it fam.
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Are you a terrorist?
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This is really good, great job:D (Big Grin) 
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Paint perfection... My god man! I'm lucky if a swirly heart and some words turn out looking fine.
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Very good and cool . Just awesome.
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Omfg you're very talented! I love your pics :happybounce: 
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I like it. My third favorite dinosaur.
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