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Epic duel

By IsisMasshiro
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A lot safer way to solve conflicts than biting into head.

Tyrannosauruses and done with copic/pro markers.


604Republic sells Epic Duel-shirts: [link]
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I wanna smack this on a T-shirt with the Epic Duel as a caption above the image. XD

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There was some t-shirts with this design on. I wonder do they still exist.

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Ok, now, I love this! I took one look at it and it put a big smile on my face. Just looking this really made my day.
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lol- way too good- should be on t-shirts, mugs and stuff- great work

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Oh Man this is Priceless!
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That would be a rather amusing duel to watch, lol.
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Good way to fight indeed. No one gets hurt.
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Nice work mate.👌🏾 Please check out some of my work. Advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
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if you look to your right you will see two basic becky's in a war
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I still love this
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The bestest of duels. uwu
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*Jurassic Park theme intensifies except its played horribly on a $th grade recorder*
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And that's why T.rexes don't use their puny (man limb-sized) arms for fighting. Why? Because they their big-old heads!
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Yea, they don't NEED their arms with all that huge jaws they have.
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who needs arms with legs like these
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