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Dinosaur challenge 4

By IsisMasshiro
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30 day dinosaur drawing challenge
I didn’t draw these one per day, but more like in spurts. Thanks to :iconalhippa: for telling me about this thing.

part 1 : Dinosaur challenge 1 by IsisMasshiro
part 2:
Dinosaur challenge 2 by IsisMasshiro
part 3: Dinosaur challenge 3 by IsisMasshiro
part 5: Dinosaur challenge 5 by IsisMasshiro

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hey what do you use to draw these, because i want to start doing some drawings and i dont know what to use

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That one protoceratop:ha,gay!

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Day 20 was the biggest laugh i've ever had
IsisMasshiro's avatar
Jolly goot laughs
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Yo también morí con el últimoLaugh LOL Pikachu-lol 
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The last one made me laugh so hard. Sometimes t-rex actually ate their young XD
IsisMasshiro's avatar
That's nature right there. XD
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That is nature XD God had a sense of humor and survival sense in mind when he made animals xD
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The last one gets me everytime x'D
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im laughing so hard right now 
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tyrannosaur dad: "junior don't pee in the water."
lambeosaurus herd spits out water in disgust! XD

this is awsome.
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I love all of it, especially the last one!
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Hahahaha, so many Dino movie references. 😂
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'junior! No pissing in the water!'
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I mean in other drawings including this one. There's only two in this one, haha.
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these things you draw never fail to amuse me 
great job :D
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That last one killed me XD 

Aw man you draw dinosaurs so perfectly!
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Day 25: and so, a dinosaur NEMO was born
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last one was beautiful XD
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, this entire comic killed me (especially the last one)! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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