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Dinosaur challenge 3

By IsisMasshiro
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30 day dinosaur drawing challenge

I didn’t draw these one per day, but more like in spurts. Thanks to :iconalhippa: for telling me about this thing.

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What do you call the Ceratopsian?
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Lunaceratops perhaps?
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Heres 2 alternate options

1; Somniumceratops (Dream Hord Face).

2: Somniumsaurus (Dream Reptile)

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That somniumceratops would fit quite well too.
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Moon Horned Face. Fitting.
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The green bird thingy looks like a D&D hook horror.
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Ugly or cute. Which one is supposed to be the ugly one?
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XDXDXDXDXDXD i love the last one !!
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Day 15: Isn't that a Protoceratops?
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What kind of dinosaur is two-headed?
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I was under the impression that animals born with two heads dies after only a few days. 
IsisMasshiro's avatar
yea,  they die in the nature. Pet ones may keep living with the aid of humans.
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Yeah, but kind of dinosaur?

Brachiosaurus or Camarasaurus?
IsisMasshiro's avatar
Most likely camarasaurus
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Awesome Two-headed Camarasaurus, I think I like it.

Maybe I draw it sometimes.
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Rawr means i love you in dinosaur!
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Is 17 supposed to be a pterosaur without its wing-skin thingies?
IsisMasshiro's avatar
Nope, just an eagle
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13: Didn't think of that idea before.

14: aw... dinosaur love...

15: that ceratopsian looks familiar.

16: I like the cute idea.

17: *arms a shotgun and puts it out of its misery*

18: Cute.
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my reaction:
day 13: possible.
day 14: i'm positive there more softer way then roaring aloud at your mate's face.
day 15: maybe that dinosaur already exist.
day 16: uuuuuhhhhhhh.
day 17: OMFG!!! KILL IT!!! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!
day 18: good for you.
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oh my goodness, this is super adorable and clever! ^^

you just made me love dinosaurs even more
(I didn't even think that could even be possible :O )
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