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Dinosaur challenge 2

By IsisMasshiro
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30 day dinosaur drawing challenge

I didn’t draw these one per day, but more like in spurts. Thanks to :iconalhippa: for telling me about this thing.

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Part 4: Dinosaur challenge 4 by IsisMasshiro
Part 5: Dinosaur challenge 5 by IsisMasshiro
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I freaking LOVE your artwork! Oml it's so comical
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*Ark player here*
A rex and tickle-bird (Theriz) mix... WOW I WANNA TAME/BREED ONE :D
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only now i understoon the reference to "dead bite" from the hollywood undead :)
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Well, that little ornithopod should have known what it was getting into when it went near a Concavenator/Becklespinax. OK, now I have to know if that's meant to be a Concavenator or a Becklespinax.
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That poor baby sauropod...
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He didn't look out
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And that is why you always look both ways before crossing the street.

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Hey look there's Dino Wolverine!
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y o u   s q u i s h e d   o n e
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No wonder sauropods had so many babies...
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Oh god please for the love of dinosaur Jesus do NOT give a T-Rex big arms they are all ready deadly enough please for dinosaur Jesus
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Day 11: If you ever wondered why sauropods had such fast growth rates, this is why.
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The Tyrannosaurus and Therizinosaurus put together scared me. Imagine if that thing existed. . . Tyrannosaurus + Therizinosaurus = Therizannosaurus. . . Therannosaurus? Tyrizinosaurus? (Ha no)
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So much teeth and claws
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So many nightmares for the lil' kiddies
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The mum killed its baby, if that isn't bad parenting I don't know what is:-)
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That's sauropod's family life. XD
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"Mom, you squashed one again" LOL I just can't stop laughing!!
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