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Dinosaur challenge 1

By IsisMasshiro
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30 day dinosaur drawing challenge

Well I didn’t draw these one per day, but more like in spurts. Thanks to :iconalhippa: for telling me about this thing.
I’ve done that favourite sauropod-part before:…

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part 5: Dinosaur challenge 5 by IsisMasshiro
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Suchomimus is also my favorite dinosaur.
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That styracosaurus! LMAO!!!Laughing Luhan

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it doesnt ask favorite thyreophora (if i wrote that right) dinosaur (stego, ankylo, nodo etc.)
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I like Parasaurolophus too.
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is there a page of the prompts? I would LOVE to do this sometime 
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If I remember right, there is no base anymore.
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Aww man Dx oh well
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But that still wouldn't stop you. There wasn't never actual base for this challenge.
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yea I may still look to this (is that's fine) to do my own :)
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sneak sneak sneak sneak
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Tom Servo: "I don't get why more people don't like the Styracosaurus, it's like an order of Triceratops with extra spikes."
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amazing, i would love to do one of these myself somday :D
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I think my little cousin would like to do this he loves dinosaurs and knows every dinosaur 
i'm older than him and i can't even name a single dino
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Try to show this then to your cousin. ^^
I bet you still know t.rex?
Phoebe-The-Huntress's avatar
yeah i only can name the T.rex im gonna tell my aunt about this so my little cousin can do this :33
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What if my favorite overall dinosaur is a ceratopsian ;-;
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"Too much testosterone"
I feel you, man dino!
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The drawing with the sauropod and the birds is so incredibly cool!
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