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Yay, fat-looking kitty is ready!

This one is surprising heavy plushie, because I used "beanbags" to kitty's paws and body. It feels very floppy, heavy and fluffy.
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Awesome!Meow :3 
 :D (Big Grin) =P (Razz) :) (Smile) 
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Could you possible share your pattern? It would just be for personal use, not for a profit, I promise. =3
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You're amazing. I just wanted you to know that. :)
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What type of fabric did you use?
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I love your work... :)
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Amazing! I love floppy plushies. XD
I have one question though...
Where can I buy those eyes and how do I attatch them to the plush?
Thanks so much. :)

~TK Studios~
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They're called craft eyes. You attach them by putting the rod on the back through the fabric of the plushie, then putting the back part on so it will stay, a bit like stud earrings.
You can get them at most craft stores, and also online.…
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Hi! I really do like this pattern. And the fur type, but I was wondering, do you take paid commissions? It'd be simple. Mind Noting me?

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I do, but not now or in near future. I'm working on with curretn commissions. Thanks anyway!
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I understand completely. But it'd be for later down the road. I'm wanting to make a plushie in memory of my boyfriends deceased kitty. :< If you could, message me when those open? (:
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I'll try to remember
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You have some awesome plushies :D
I have a question: you make the patterns yourself? In this case, how do you make them? How do you know that the parts fit and the whole thing doesn't get ruined? Do you make an example first or something? I've been trying to make patterns myself, but I just can't seem to get the trick.
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Yes, by myself. I wouldn't publish other people's works in my gallery.

It is hard to answer that. I learned only with a long time and hard work, nobody teached me to make plushies. And for the best result, try to make a "prototype"-plushie with the new patterns and some cheap, old fabrics to see how it will work out.
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Guess that means I'll just have to keep trying, eh?
Thanks (:
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Yeap, keep trying till you drop. XD
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this is a lovely cat!
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Hello, I love your plushie :)
what kind of fabric did you use?
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Normal faux fur.
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