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Amnesia - meme

Amnesia: The dark descent © Frictional Games

Meme © :iconsmuky:

Base: [link]

Backgrounds of the pictures are screenshots straight from the game, while I played it trough first time.
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© 2010 - 2022 IsisMasshiro
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XD I hate that game, but I love this XD it's awesome!

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for me

the name "agrippa"

is a good reason for laugh

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So thats where the head crab came from :o
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I love the ending panel, it's so interesting the lore of your things.
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Agrippa is ellis :V

check his dialogue closely and compare it with ellis'
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Kinda. At least Agrippa had a glimpse of L4D-world where headcrab was send.
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ah alright thx 
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I JUST finished the game and when the Brute spawned in the Chancel, instead of crying, I paused, laughed my ass off, unpaused, and said "kill me now" while laughing. That jumpscare was hilarious.
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Well did it kill you?
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This is really fun. :D I have so many similiar experiences about this game, both hilarious and those annoying ones. Though it's one of my favourite games that I've ever played. I also have to say that you have nice idea about Daniels outfit and you've so well drew all those expressions, oh how I love them :D. Anyway big picture is really good. :)
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Yeap, same here. Amnesia was really good game and changed the horror gendre a bit (character can't defend himself at all).
And thank you!
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You are welcome!
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Daniel looks like he is about to do a better, more permanent, silence job on the loincloth man.
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That slime tho 😂😂😂
IsisMasshiro's avatar
Such a perv slime
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I wonder what's running through that slime's head...
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Dangit alexander, stop bein' naked.
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Such a creepy nudist
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Yah man, what a weirdo.
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the best thing I ever read XDDD
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