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Amnesia - Drawer fail

Done with acrylics.
Amnesia: The Dark Descent © Frictional games

This really happened to me while playing the Amnesia. I tried to do that famous drawer trick, but suddenly Mr. Face put his ugly head trought the drawer, straight at my face. I almost got heart attack and of course died in the game.

Amnesia still manages to give me a creepy surprises.
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Last panel is me whenever I see Oreos
IsisMasshiro's avatar
Congrats, you gave the 10000's comment. XD

Gotta whale-nom all oreos. I wish I could still eat them, but no. Blasted lactose intorelance.
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I can't play horror games (aside from Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2) because of the fact that if anything jump scares me, it takes half and hour for my heart rate to return to normal. 
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i have this problem too, but i'm enough masochist to go to play those games anyway x"D

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Jesus this comment is old. U kinda get...used to it? I mean, jump scares are jump scares but after a while there's a little thrill in being scared. Its why Im playing Resident Evil Origins Collection and Resident Evil 2 Remake. After a while u kinda just....accept it....
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sorry^^ i actually don't get scared, but my heart beat just incrase without a real reason lol

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Then stay hell away from Emily wants to play and Five Night at Freddy's-games. XD
PrismicDiamondArt's avatar
I know. I've never even heard about "Emily Wants To Play."
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Indeed. I almost crapped myself because of that darn Grunt.
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omg XD I'm dying of laughter!!
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that would be a little scary...
IsisMasshiro's avatar
I almost peed my pants. It sure was.
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better luck being able to kiss it than don't scared to it
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*has a heart attack*
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I'm betting someone needed a new pair of underwear and pants after this
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Boy I bet that scared the heck out of you. XD
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Yea, I pooped some bricks.
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