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My Bio
Independent filmmaker sort of Guy.

Current Residence: Boston
Favourite genre of music: New wave, post punk, old punk, goth/darkwave(call it what you will -the old stuff!)
Operating System: XP
Wallpaper of choice: None! give me the briney deep instead!
Skin of choice: off
Favourite cartoon character: Jet girl

Favourite Visual Artist
Jamie Hewlett, Francis Bacon
Favourite Movies
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Siouxsie, the cure, Johnny Thunders, the Replacements, the Undertones --and various others
Favourite Writers
Willam blake, Keats, William Gibson
Favourite Games
walking on broken glass.
Favourite Gaming Platform
foxs and horses! Tally ho!
Tools of the Trade
computer, ink, pencil, luck
Other Interests
self envolved nihilism, amalgated with chicaneryish chivilrey

Moving Account

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Over the next few weeks I'll be shuttering this account and moving my stuff over (or some of it) to I started this account in a different place as a different person. But I'm not really isisless anymore, I'm something more. So If you'd like to continue to see what I'm up to and what I'm producing, feel free to follow the new account. I look forward to what the future brings, and hope you enjoy my new creations!
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I'm cleaning up my gallery over the next few days -- removing the various pieces that sort of embarrass me by existing. I'm also considering rolling up this account. I'd like a more polished one, with my "best of," and without such a  .... let's say "moody" name. Anyways, if you see something you like disappear let me know. I'll resubmit it. Oh, and I've moved to LA and gotten a Masters degree in film.
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Level up.

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And now I'm twenty six. I'm working on a painting. Will you ever see it? I don't know.
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da dont find ur new account!!!!!
just stopping by to say hi :wave: you've got some good stuff!!
I like your drawing style. It's expressive. As expressive as this comment was flippant.
Why is that one piece called fuck nazis? i like the samurai cop concept design. What reminds me of Peter Chung, and Aeon Flux are; your style first off, and the shoulder guards on the uniform. Those are the two things that stuck out to me right away.
Thanks for the compliments!

As for the Nazi thing, its a bit of an inside joke, so I'll explain. When I drew that particular "piece" I was designing it as a poster for the store I worked in, where I happened to sell shoes (thank goodness I've gone back to school now!). Anyways, one of my co-workers, was a not so secret nazi. He wouldn't say it outwardly, but everyone knew. He didn't believe in the holocaust. Convinced of germanic superiority (he had a fit when he found out he was only half german!), listened to german faux-folk that sang about how awesome the SA was(he didn't know I spoke some german) and hated commies with a passion. So, I made a Mao poster for the shoe department to piss him off. But he couldn't do anything about it because it supported the store, and he was trying very hard to hide the fact that he was a nazi. It was found a week later after it was torn down when no one was looking! So there's that story.

Also, he worshiped the norse gods. Yeah....
Holocaust, What holocaust?

Just kiddin. Thanks for the reply. Oh and yea good thing you got out of the shoe sale business. You might of ended up like Al Bundy! lol.
yeah, there were a lot of bundy jokes by costumers.