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Subhuman artwork

SUBHUMAN(it) | Artwork 2012
Photomanipulation, postproduction
(environment desing in coop with Pavel Cucka)

Stock: [link]
Resurgere´s Blaze packages [link]
All other stock & photography used are propherty of IDS
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Is there a way you can teach me how to make fire this insane way you did on this work? :P
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Its just a couple of photos on screen mode, some sparks & smoke and some soft-brush glow in background, nothing fancy :) 
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dafaq if it's nothing fancy! :D
The final result is very realistic, I always tried o have fire to be that good looking, and always tried to blend it in screen mode.
Maybe is the soft brush glow I am missing... I will train! Thanks for the hint!
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Also try to play with levels of your fire photoshtock first, your welcome ;)
RePliChAtEd's avatar
Will do!
I am working on a new fire-test right now, I'll see what I come up with ;)
Great work on the new "desire for sorrow"!
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AMAZING! How do you achieve the gritty sharp textured feel? My stuff ends up looking soft and flat!

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Thank you, yeah I play a lot with post production and yeah I struggle with flat outcome too. Feel free to google this topic (depth) in traditional art, coud be handy ;)
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You have been featured here [link]
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Thank you very much, appreciated;)
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Hi, your beautiful artwork is featured at :iconalightindarkness: [link] :)
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Gorgeous Artwork. :heart:
I just wish this was wallpaper size like 1400x900
isisdesignstudio's avatar
Maybe band will release it as wallpaper, it their property now, anyway original size is about 4,5k x 1,5k so no prob with wallpaper size I assume:)
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