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unity of opposites

By Isinar
старое, помятое, чуточку подштукатеренное впечатление от Дракотрилогии. не слеш, хотя похоже... да

Old and a bit withered recollection inspired by Draco trilogy
It looks like slash but it's not, but they do look... >_<
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This is an amazing piece. Stunning.
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Особенно доставляет бледное лицо и волосы Драко! Ваще кинк!
и его рука!
....и бесподобный стеклынный взгляд! ВАХ!
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Прекрассно и настолько реалистично,кажется будто фотография!!!Но что за трилогия???
oh my god, this is gorgeous, you are incredibly talented
Absolutely stunning picture! I love that look in Draco´s eyes... so cold and evil - and Harry sleeping peacefully in his arms.
Great idea, keep on being so full of phantasy and use your skills in painting/drawing - they´re worth it!
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That is... my heart stopped for a moment, that's how beautiful this is! I love the Draco Trilogy and to see fanart for it, is beyong wonderful! Thank you!!!
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It's really beautifl!

Please, do you know where I can find this fic: 'Draco Trilogy'?
mtranc3's avatar
Unfortunately, it was removed from the web a long time ago...
Mork-from-Ork's avatar
great detail, I loved that trilogy.
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Охренительно нарисовано, отличный контраст героев, прямо как в книге.
Шла по ссылке, а потом обнаружила, что вы из России и прям такая гордость берет =)))
fyeahstarkid's avatar
That is stunning! The lips are amazing, I always struggle with lips :) So much admiration for you right now!
9timechos's avatar
wow! this is so beautiful! :)
This is absolutely gorgeous! Draco looks like he's protecting Harry, or daring someone to wake him. Beautiful work!
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I'm blown away by this picture! Fantastic!
winnett's avatar
Beautiful! I love Draco's eyes. I haven't read Draco Trilogy, I might have to now.
twister8138's avatar
No slash=the reason I will never read the Draco trilogy.

This is absolutely lovely. Your vision of the characters is beautiful, and your execution is superb. Wonderful.

I'll just pretend it's slash. :)
ScorpioDani's avatar
No matter if this isn't slash, it really seems like Drarry :D
shadowdraconian's avatar
This is brilliantly done. I love the details; it almost looks like a photograph.
Kaorin-san's avatar
I'm glad it's not slash x] And I want to be Harry right now so damn much! xD The art is just simply beautyful <3
this is completely them, (if they weren't idiots, that is). Very beautiful, and is (finally) a GOOD visualization for Draco- I've been having a hard time seeing him, but THIS is what he looks like. Thanks!
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This is gorgeous! I love the way you portrayed them!
elisetales's avatar
Damn it! This is so awesome! Love it!
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