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This was my entry for the Peacekeepers contest

So far this is a picture I've put the most time and energy into. It's a result of almost a month and a half of solid work.

I put a lot of effort in creating a photo realistic image, but also maintaining the comic style.

When I first found out about the contest and saw the reference sheet, I realized the biggest challenge would be to choose which characters to put into the image.
But because I don't want to leave anyone behind, I decided to take the hard route and fit all 31 characters in this single picture.

In the beginning I didn't know how to go about it, but luckily Alex Ross gave me the answer with his Kingdom Come Story line. If there is anyone who reads comics and haven't read this one...well..shame on you...Go get it right now!!!

Every character is a 3d model, for which I had to texture the uniform which took about 6-7 hours for each.
For the more complicated props and objects that don't exist in the Poser community, I hired a modeler to help me out.
I put extra effort into lighting using "RDNA's lighting system" and I emphasized the lighting from below the characters. Final image file resolution is 5758x4606 pixels and the psd file is 1,93gigabytes in size, with 61 layers, something that definitely requires a strong pc.

update: thanks for all the support...unfortunately i wasn't at the top 6...
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In the cut-&-paste world of digital art, it is difficult not to fall into the trap of doing just that--copying and pasting the same character or image or other graphical element over and over to save time and effort, with the result that everything looks the same. Sometimes the similarity is not even conscious or voluntary--this holds especially true of Poser/DAZ art, where the resources available to achieve an image may not be readily available.

However, despite those potential obstacles, you took on this piece anyway and executed it brilliantly. In this piece, each individual character is obviously an entity unto him or herself: an impressive achievement in itself given the fact that there are more than twenty characters in this scene. But to put the icing on the cake, you have also composed a work of art with a great emotional impact as well--the sight of all of those superheros standing resolutely at dead-center is visually and physically awe-inspiring. I can practically hear the punchy action-movie soundtrack just looking at this piece. My hat is off to you, my good sir, and I congratulate you on a job well done.<img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":flame:" title="Flame"/>
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thank you Hermie!
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You are most welcome. :nod:
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Magazine comic!
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for all the hard work you put in,.... how can your work not be in my favourites
well done and carry on that man..
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i have KC and mythology on my desk for referencestoo.;)
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Habatchii says,

very well...
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isikol answers: thank you so much my friend!
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This work is not just art-it lives. You can feel the life and the power flow out it of this. An incredible work,
ISIKOL's avatar many hours for this was a shocked that didn't won...anyway :)
An amazing piece. All the work you put into to it is evident. I'm not sure if these are your characters or not, but a talent for strong character design. Love the colors!
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It's a wonderful pic!

You got Alex Ross' style just perfectly.
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SERIOUSLY? You didn't make the top 6 with this image?? I'm amazed. This is one of the best 3D hero posters ever done! WOW... I'd make you the winner in my book! Fabulous work!
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Thanks Ramwolf..i really appreciate it..
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This is amazing. Simply fantastic! My jaw hit the floor as soon as I saw this piece of art.
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thank you!!!
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Being a 3D artist I can truly appreciate the work you put into this. Its a crime you didnt win that contest, much less place in top 6. The amount of detail and costumes you created in such a short time is mind blowing. I might try something like this some day, but I think I will split the PSD into several pieces since I dont think my machine would like a 61 layer file of that quality, and I will stock many bottles of wine for the long long hours. :dance:

You ever try making one of these with Xmen?

Anyways, truly impressive work, I think you should have easily won first place if people knew how hard and time consuming this beautiful piece is to make.
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