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with Humbleness and respect over the 2 characters (Jesus and Superman) i present you an imaginary Crucifixion of Man of steel...
If DC would ever consider to use such a picture in a cover of an issue, this is how i imagined it to be...
hope you like it...
Superman is a copyrighted character from DC...

Many thanks to :icondeligaris: for his great help on the postwork
and :iconmaril1: for her conceptual idea ;)
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The crucifixion is important because Jesus was crucified and died for our sins. However, He rose on the third day which meant that He conquered death. This is so important and precious! 💕 Comparing Jesus and Superman isn’t accurate because Jesus is incomparable. Whereas Superman is fictional, Jesus is God and is completely real. Superman is cool and all, however, Jesus is God and what He did on the cross is more incredible and significant than anything Superman could ever do. Jesus is infinite times better because He is real and His love for us was displayed on the cross. He loves you, repent and believe and allow Him to transform your heart. He is so good!! 🙌🏻💕
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after u im going after the girl
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A sublime and moving work.
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Very nice work!

Superman has always been a Christ-like figure as far as I can remember. Just check out the 1st Superman again with this in mind. Jor'El gave his only-begotten son to the world. I have always seen Superman in this light ever since I saw the first Christopher Reeve Superman in the theaters as a kid.
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 "Just because something is imaginary doesn't mean it is not real." :) (Smile)  Imaginationland South Park

"I... Um... because I think... they are real. It's all real. Think about it. Haven't Luke Skywalker and Santa Claus affected your lives more than most real people in this room? 

I mean, whether Jesus is real or not, he... he's had a bigger impact on the world than any of us have. 
And the same could be said of Bugs Bunny and, a-and Superman and Harry Potter. Oops! 

They've changed my life, changed the way I act on the Earth. Doesn't that make them kind of "real."? 
They might be imaginary, but, but they're more important than most of us here. And they're all gonna be around long after we're dead. 

So in a way, those things are more realer than any of us."Heart
Hug Huggle! Hug Hug Huggle! Hug 
 Imaginationland South Park.…
Jesus definitely is real and He IS God in the flesh. There is so much evidence that supports He is real and the Bible is accurate especially about His death and resurrection. It’s amazing and shows that He loved us enough to die for us and it’s up to us to choose if we believe in Him. Praise God for Jesus Christ, He is alive and more real than anything in this world 🙌🏻💕
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I no longer read DC due to all the reboots (crisis, Zero Hour, etc.)

I no longer read MARVEL.

I no longer read Sonic.
The greatest sacrifice the most... always!

Really Great Work!!!
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Well, wouldn't all his clothes be ripped from the flogging? Do ya even know what flogging is? Well, if not, I'll tell ya, but I must warn you now... Graphic... Anyway, they would have skilled Roman guards or whatever, and they'd have a whip, there were 9 lashes, or, ends, the end of those lashes, they'd have little pieces of glass, rock, stone, whatever would be sharp, and the pieces would be in the shape of a square, what they'd do, they'd wrap it somehow round the body of the person, piercing the skin, and they'd snap the whip and jerk it kinda, and that'd tear the skin literally apart, some people wouldn't even survive through that, cause some of the guts would spill out, and they'd die, graphic, and if you're pukin right now or somethin, let me tell you... I warned you... Lol, but yeah, that's what they'd do... That's why I really don't wanna watch the Passion of the Christ...
Just think, Jesus went through all of that for us to have the chance to be saved because He loves us so much. Praise God for Jesus Christ. We all better turn from our sins and to the cross before He comes back and it’s too late!! Also, Passion of the Christ is a great movie, but, definitely portrays the gruesome details of the crucifixion. However, it gives you a visual of how much Jesus went through because of God’s love and mercy towards us to not spare Jesus from this 🙌🏻💕
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"...who dressd in rags..."

dressed* (Oops!)
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I favorited this a long time ago but didn't leave a comment because I didn't know what to say.

This... is amazing. While some people might have an issue with the comparison between Superman and Jesus, I think that's precisely where it derives its power. Fictional or not (I don't think it matters), there are some similarities between the two. Both are not "of this world" and have inhuman abilities. Both believe in the good of mankind and dedicate themselves to improving it. Superman was raised as Clark Kent and uses that identity as his disguise; Jesus was a poor carpenter's son who dressd in rags though people called him a king. Both are iconic figures, and though Superman doesn't have a religion associated with him, he is a well-known character.

This is a very interesting and evocative piece. I love the angle, the colors, the "Superman" sign serving as the crossbar - not unlike the "King of the Jews" sign on Jesus' cross. I also love the Kryptonite nails - very clever!

Brilliant work! :clap:
My thing is that Jesus is a real person, God in the flesh, who really went through this and rose again in the third day. He isn’t comparable to anyone. Jesus went through this because He loves us and that’s the most noble thing anyone could ever do. God’s love for us is incomparable 🙌🏻💕
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Very interesting concept
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awesome concept and lighting
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Yes, I do apologize, not very informative!

I love your work, the image is amazing!

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ok..i was worried for a sec! thanks!
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:iconsupermanplz::iconsaysplz:I died for your sin
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And yet, people still shit all over you(to my utter irritation)...
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