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extremely happy for this one! The reason is one and only...I just love the suit! I was lucky enough to find a friend who was willing to model this for me. :iconroguepilot:

:iconroguepilot: modeled the suit - boots - belt and cape from scratch for a very reasonable price, all these for M4... thank you so much my friend! You made a most excellent work!

We are still testing it and it will be released in the next few weeks... ;)

"So here he is standing in the middle of a devastated Metropolis, facing an unknown enemy. and pretty pissed of!"

The man was rendered with reality 3.0 for poser and then postworked at photoshop.

hope you like it ;)

p.s. i would like very much to hear your ruthless!
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He really doesn't mess around.
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I really like that
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All I can say is WOW!
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I like it The upper body is really good!.... But the Thighs are WAY to bulged out, they of course should be muscular and you have plenty of room to do that with out making each leg like they are on SUPER Steroids, even the calfs and boots are good but the upper legs need to be taken way down, I think that would make a world of difference, give it a shot see how you think it looks.  Like I said though the face and upper body Very good.
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thanks man...i appreciate the time you spent to write are too lazy thought to go back and rework on it but i will keep that in mind the next time i will do such a piece! thanks!
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dude! so cool! :D
can u do the smallville s11 suit? :3
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Im not a 3dmodeller :)
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Very Cool! I dig the look of the New 52 Superman. Dare I say, I like the redesign slightly better than the old suit. The render is fantastic. If I could give one crit I would bring down the quadriceps. They look way to big and, disproportionate to the rest of the body. Your friend did a great job modeling the suit. This is very impressive. Kudos!
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Nice suit indeed, I love the detail. :)
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This is incredible! Love the intensity of the scene.
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Incredible!!  (Be ruthless??  Nope.  I've got nothing ruthless to say, lol!)  The lighting is superb, and I imagine using Reality/Lux really gives it that realistic look.  The depth of field just makes your Man of Steel pop off of the screen.  He's perfect!  And :iconroguepilot: should be commended on such a wonderful job modeling that suit!  Fantastic collaboration!!
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Thank you so much girl...yeap the guy is awesome
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This is just, wow, this is absolutely amazing!
Seeing my favorite incarnation like this is like seeing him for real!
This is just amazing!
Great job on all fronts!
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You did a beautiful job with the battle damage effect area around him and the sunlight work is perfect. The outfit texturing looks very authentic. Nice job on his face work with the squared off jawline. Nicely done, my friend:highfive:
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Thank you my friend
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Thank you very much.
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