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This is my take on a new Judge Dredd outfit...

by the way i love the comic book - i hate the movie!

hope you like it :)
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When you say hate the movie, do you mean the first one with Stallone or the new one with Urban?
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I didnt like the second one..the first one...even with Stallone, was a lot closer to the Dredd i know...
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Metallurgy is like forging metal
Hot liquid metal splashes around the factory/compound when shaping the metal
This picture reminisces me of that
It's almost a molten Dredd
Thanks for sharing
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Love this image, you should go see the new movie, infinitely better then 1995. Its not even in the same league.
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Yep! Not sure if its still out where you are, but it just came out in my country. If you can still go see it, I think you should ;)
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So awesome! Love the detail!
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I'm a journalist, can I use your image in a report for

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i would like to read the article first...:) if that's not a problem...thank you..

i wouldn't like to be used for the wrong purposes! :)
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fantastic colour complimentary colour scheme, really captured the essence of judge dredd here.
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Thank you Bexa
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Yes, you are the law.
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WHOA! This is absolute sexiness. Well done!
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Hi there,

I'm a composer currently in the process of recording an album entitled 'I Am The Law', based on and inspired by the Judge Dredd universe and I'm searching for possible album covers to reflect this theme. I came across your excellent Judge Dredd illustration and think it could make a very effective cover. The album is currently in production and, once finished, would be released digitally (for sale on iTunes, AmazonMP3 and other digital music stores) in the coming few months. It may be important for me to note at this point that these sites require an image size of 1400x1400px at 300dpi.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me via email:

You can also visit my website to get more of a feel of my work:

Very many thanks and hope to hear from you soon,

Adam Violaris.
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really like this drawing of dredd
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Again, very cool, wow!!
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Great piece of work.
Thanks for sharing...
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