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OK....i thought i could hold myself...
but i can't...:D
This is Hawkeye from Avengers...
and most important...
i didn't do that all by myself:O
No, no,no...i got a great - GREAT - GREAT help from one of the best illustrators in the world - Nick Deligaris :icondeligaris:
The guys is just A W E S O M E...
He has achieved perfection!
Just take a look at his gallery to understand what i mean...
Thanks Nick!!!! :hug:

Now i want to thank Joequick for the amazing Hawkeye mask and for making amazing weapons...

Hawkeye is property of Marvel...
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Bow looks very nicely painted and the blue/purple costume really glows.
hawkeye is also by most comic fans considered being marvel's answer to DC's green arrow as they have many simlarities and personalities. personally i think green arrow is cooler but that is just me. his negative caracteristics and weaknesses is one he is human and can be killed easily if not careful. he acts a bit like a child bully at times making fun of fellow teammates (mostly in good fun) he acts arrogant and too egotistic who doesnt follow orders real well (prime example is when hawkeye in his young days would test and challenge cap's authority and felt he was an old uncle tom. he had a strong dislike for cap and felt he was too old school or a boy scout to be a leader. not making this up hawkeye was and still sort of is a big asshole back then.) he also has a bit of an ego problem and feels he can never miss because then he feel he is useless on the team. (another fun fact on a team-up with spider-man he actually told spidey this. one day he actually miss a target but spidey put the arrow in the opponent to make it look like he hit him. good sport that web-head is.) despite these flaws hawkeye is an exceptional hero who loves his place in the avengers and would do anything for his team mates who feels like a family that he never had.
hawkeye has no real super powers (however i feel that is up for debate sometimes because i personally think this dude is secretly a mutant. no one has that accuracy that freakin good and considered to be human) but has many great skills that many people find exceptional. he is a skilled acrobat and marksman and a master in archery. just like bullseye (daredevil's arch enemy bullseye) hawkeye can make anything a weapon and use it with great precision.(in the ultimate version he killed three dudes with his damn fingernail!!) he is also fluent in italian and is highy trained and skilled fighter being trianed by captain america and trained in fencing and melee combat by swordsman. he is trained in the art of stealth by black widow and can master any weapon. personality wise hawkeye is very heroic and self-sacrificing who would easily die for his comrads. he is also seems to be very snarky and jokes during battle. he is also not bad with ladies as he has had various relationships in the past and was once married to mockingbird. recently he was dating spider woman but it seems the two have broken up but they still remains good friends.he has also died in the event "avengers disassemble" and was ressurected by scaret witch in "house of M". his arrows are called trick arrows as each arrow is custom made of a different kind of a weapon to subdue an opponet. the arrows can be turned into explosives, nets, tasers, or bolas. one of his arrow can even turn into a boxing glove like green arrow. he is so accurate with his aim that he is able to disarm opponents easily and can even shoot an arrow in the barrel of gunmen's firearm.
Clinton "clint" Francis Barton aka Hawkeye the world's greatest archer- fanmade birthdate (march 26, 1980) fanmade date of temporary death (septemper 6, 2008 *revived in late 2009 during m-day*) known to be the world's greatest archer who almost never miss. born and gifted with almost a super natural talent of having inhuman accuracy and precision clint barton could almost be considered a superhuman who rarely missses his target. He was born to Harold and Edith Barton. He grew up working in his father's Butchers shop in Waverly, Iowa with his brother, Barney. Their father was abusive, especially when he drank and continually beat the young boys; Barney taught Clint how to fight and helped him to improve his aim. Harold's drinking eventually cost him his life along with his wife when both died in a car accident. Clint and Barney were sent to a children's home, from where they run away to join a traveling circus where the pair worked as roustabouts. While a member of the circus, Clint was trained by the original Swordsman and by Trick Shot. At only 14 clint became a better archer and surpassed his mentor. one day he caught his other idol the swordsman whose real name was jacques stealing from the manager's safe and had a confrontation where clint was defeated and nearly killed. seven years later still remained a circus performer as a archer but all that changed when he saw iron man in action. clint was jealous and also in awe of how ironman got all the fame and praise by the public and felt he could be a hero too. so he made himself a few trick arrows ( which are like these custom made arrows just think "green arrow" and u have it.) and a colorful costume to go find crime as hawkeye. hawkeye's original plan was to seek fame and glory like iron man and having a real reason to fight crime. he saw a perp stealing and stopped him with his one of his arrows. however the crook still got away leaving the money as the police found clint with the money thinking he was the thief. he was rescued and escaped with black widow (who was actually a criminal spy and assassin at the time.) who asked him to defeat ironman in combat. he felt he had better talent being a criminal and worked with widow as a criminal stealing government plans and trying to defeat iron man. he was later tired of being a criminal and felt natasha was leading him on a dark path and decided to become an avenger later on. he got a actual approval from iron man as he once saved his life and told him he was tricked into being a con by widow. every since then barton has became a self-less devoted hero and avenger.
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worship emoticon's enough to make me think the classic costume could actually work in real-life...!
ISIKOL's avatar could actually!
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My all time favorite image by you...nobody else has done anything this well with Clint. You did him real justice here bro.
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thanks man! i appreciate it!
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you are second this week! congratulations! [link]
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wow is my hero favorite as hawk eye and bullseye
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Hi. I would just like to let you know that this piece has been featured in my Marvel Monday feature here [link] today. Have a wonderful day!
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Thank you so much!
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The bow looks amazing!
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Wow! Amazing piece of art there! =D

Would you mind telling me how you got the suit and weapons to look so realistic?!
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Well..they are 3d models...:D
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...aaaand now I feel like an idiot.

I checked out the rest of your gallery, good stuff xD
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