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Commission image to :iconminahecate:

Following image to this

Read the entire story behind the picture, here:


hope you like it!
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Just awesome it's a combination of shepard's mass effect armor and iron man's.
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I Just love it :happybounce: 
It would actually be a great way for DC to introduce Kara / Supergirl on.Sherlock Holmes 

We see her leave the crashed spaceship in the comic for Man Of Steel, where she apparently leaving the ship on the ground.
( WHAT IF ????)
1. Kara build a new small ship and leaving the ground to look back to Krypton.
2. Being trapped in an ice planet and frozen at the age of just under 20th
3. Several thousand years later - the ship hit the Earth 18,000 BC AND Kryptonians is NOT immortal - she is found by Darkseid with Granny Goodness, who takes care of the motherly role and Big Barda, who trains her to fight - adopts Kara as his daughter and brainwashing her into a killing machine, he - now that Lex Luther from Batman VS Superman, Darkseid has summoned to Earth now that Superman is dead.
I think I've fainted. 

Because as the villain Mongul once said:
"He was the only obstacle in the way of me. The rest of you are already dead."Superman 

4. Supergirl leader Darkseid's army against Batman, Wonder Woman, Lois and Justice league, AND Superman comes back Friday death at the last minute to change everything. Strong! 

Just a theory, but I am the author of free time and get many ideas :)Sweating a little... 
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Absolutely love this one.
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This is really good. The detail on her armor is impressive.
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Your artwork is amazing! Would you allow me to post your artworks on my FB fanpage Into the Lifestream? Of course, I would credit you and provide links to your DA profile page :)
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Nice picture.. I like the colors and texture.. She's a superhero or just an S on her chest like that ?
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i think its a custom character from dc universe
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you have fantastic imagination, inspiring me on your art.
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im so glad Giovanino! :)
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Just AMAZING!!!!!
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This is really cool, love the colours.
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thanks so much man!
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Great effects and colors in this scene!
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