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February 7, 2011
A NATION ON ITS KNEES... by *isikolis a ''testimonial'' of being creative and creating magnificent art has no relation with the software you are using but a strong relation with your soul, heart and mind.
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Things in Greece aren't good...

Our politicians are 100% responsible for whatever you hear about my country...

They alone managed to bring us down to our knees...

They alone managed to kill our dreams and our children's dreams...

They alone brought chaos....

Sure i/we feel bad now...our psychology Is zero.. but i/we wont stay down for long..

Eventually i/we will get up....

and then...

I got this DD from :iconartofkerem: Kerem is from Turkey and im from Greece. The 2 countries are having a lot of differences for centuries. But these are political differences. Not human differences. I Know Kerem enough to say that i feel him as my long distance brother. I could never fight against him. I would prefer execution rather go and fight other men i don't know...These are just political war games. We are all equal, we are all the same , we are all God's creatures. I don't care if i call him "God" and if Kerem calls him Allah!

We should never leave politicians enforce us what to believe and who/what is our enemy...we can make our own choices. And my choice is that i don't have a single enemy, anywhere in this world!

Thank you Kerem...
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Slood75's avatar
The pose is very Pride and same Spartacus!
F'g amazing!
MasterChica1987's avatar
Pray for Greece! Flag of Greece 

(700th comment!)
donwhitt's avatar
You have a great gift! Keep up the wrk.
donwhitt's avatar
Wow! Awesome!
So are you a believer in Jesus Christ?
StarWars888's avatar
I hope that God almighty will lend a hand to the Gods of Olympus to get Greece out of this situation.
LoLo-is-SeaDoo-ing's avatar
A beautifully executed render with a powerful message -- well deserved DD!
botdog3's avatar
This is stunning. It is a testament to Greek art that has both enlightened and delighted people all over the world. I too come from a country whose "leaders" try to tell people how to live and in what to believe. I've been alive long enough to know that politics are temporary. What matters is what we leave for our children. History and art are a couple of things that transcend time. Those are things given to the world by the great nation of Greece!
ryColber's avatar
Unbelievable. Stay strong guys!
Sandernovich's avatar
so much muscles :o
farnea's avatar
impressive render
Be44Ka's avatar
hot, he can visitme now in my bed :D
din1919's avatar
good work.
din1919's avatar
damn your hardware must be good
arash-ebr's avatar
Very nice work.
I'm living in a country like yours.
I know you mean well.
AnOldRetiredElephant's avatar
looks like naked superman
GiantToby's avatar
No doubt the politicians and leaders of Greece have put the country in a miserable state, but I must ask: Who put them in charge?
ViolaZierau's avatar
More like Daily description
a-sociopath's avatar
A great piece of art with a powerful message behind it.
ViolaZierau's avatar
Its not. Its a Guy making a Pose on a bare simple Background every Poser user can do with just a Description that makes it look like it has any Reason to exist
a-sociopath's avatar
Perhaps the pose is nothing incredible, but I believe he made the model as well, and it's quite a good one. And well if you don't like it, no need to spoil it by being rude :)
ViolaZierau's avatar
He did not. Its Poser. you got your Base Models which look exactly like this, added muscle Morphs and vascularity and its done. Thats a 30s Job
a-sociopath's avatar
Hmm, well then, in this case it's the message indeed. It's happened before, for a DD to get picked for the message behind.
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