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The Farmers

By ISignRob
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Personal project. The sketch is available some deviations before. You can see it here: [link]

Robots are created to make wars instead of humans. But things run out of control, and mankind itself is in danger. So, a great effort is started to contain the threat of the robots, but without destroying them...they are reprogrammed to do basic activities, so the remaining humans could restart their lives.

60% done in Painter with a Wacom Bamboo Fun, 30% graphite on paper and 10% in Photoshop.

Comments and critiques are very welcome

I'm planning to do a series of drawings like this one, with robots helping in early civilization tasks, like looming, fishing, blacksmiting etc., and since it's one of my first robot designs, I really want to do more complex and interesting designs to the other tasks...Could it be steampunk? Transformers? Jetsons? I want to hear you =D And also about the wheat field, how could I make it look better?


UPLOADED: Many many thanks for all the feedbacks I've got and for the Daily Deviation! You guys rock! =D

UPLOADED 2: You can see the next installment of the series, The Fshermen, here =D
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Thank you dude! :)
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I really like the idea. It's so... new and peaceful... lol. skeletal robots in cape with scythe in their hands remind me of some kinda death god, tho...
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It's always awesome to hear all of these interpretations =D
I really hope I can do better in the next ones ;)

Cheers Ryu!
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Looking forward to. Thx :)
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I like this very much, particularly the sitting robot. I had to stop and think for a minute... hold on, why does a robot need to sit? Very human, yet so not. Very very cool.
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Thank you!

I'm doing the 3rd drawing of the series right now, hope you'll enjoy it as well ;)
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I will be looking forward to it!
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me gusta un monton!
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Muchas gracias Sophy! :hug:
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My god this story seem to.. I mean I can imagined the world without human only robot. And it seem these AI love "conservative" activity.
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Well, at least they don't have guns ;) It's something pre-historic, but with robots.
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I am in love with this series :D the details in them, and the stories they make my mind come up with are just awesome
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Awesome to hear that! I was planning to do the next drawing next year, but hearing so many awesome comments makes us really push the limit higher and higher! :w00t:
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This is amazing, they kind of look like one of my original characters thats what made me look at them, although he is a metal puppet not a robot...
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I just saw your OC, OMG they really look like each other, which is a good thing haha

Glad to know you enjoyed it too! ;)
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Brilliance to the fookin' maximum. This is why I love DailyDeviations. Without them I would not have seen your Fishermen piece, thus I would not have seen this piece, and I would have lost out. Well and richly desered Resenhista, a gorgeous gallery.
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I'm really honored for your words Pavel, really!

I admit I love DD too, especially when I'm in it haha, but it's a really cool place to discover unpopular yet awesome artists!

Cheers and have a nice weekend!

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even the thought of it scares me....
the works' genius tho!
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So wait for the next drawings of the'll be impressed ;)

Thanks for your words :hug:
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