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Commissions are open!

Tue Apr 22, 2014, 6:46 PM by IsiacDaGraca:iconisiacdagraca:
Right now I'm taking full-body or portrait commissions in the style of my latest images below. Turn round is two weeks.

A full-body Color Digitally Painted Image 

Black Rose by IsiacDaGraca Car Girl - Ridge Racer Type 4 Project by IsiacDaGraca Comission: Make Me Akira by IsiacDaGraca

A Full Color Digitally Painted Portrait  

Miss Martian by IsiacDaGraca Ryuko Portrait by IsiacDaGraca Scientist by IsiacDaGraca

Black and White Portrait
Big Boss - Phantom Pain by IsiacDaGraca The Boss by IsiacDaGraca

I'm open to other commissions too, just contact me. 

My email: iadagraca [at] gmail [dot] com

If you have any questions please ask below!

Thank you for your support!

Commission Slots

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I'm going to be taking things very seriously over the next months, and as such I've taken every image from my gallery (except tutorials) and stuffed it into my scraps. I'd like to start fresh. 

Through out today there will be images automatically posted here which were on my other page I attempted to move to and didn't because the page was two years old and made the view count seem horrifying. Then I found out I can change my username :D. So I did that...

That horrid user name is GONE.

I also bought a premium subscription, and installed this fancy theme. 

I'll make my own some day.

So all that said, thank you guys for following, and I'll be doing MUCH better things from now on. 

  • Listening to: Swindle
  • Reading: About ways to improve my work
  • Watching: American Psycho
  • Playing: Gran Turismo 6
  • Eating: Subway
  • Drinking: Grapefruit juice
For the last 5 months or so i've been a major part of building a website "".

The idea of the site is a forum in the shape of a news site. Where anyone can submit an article for the front page much like a gaming news site or a blog. If that sounds interesting then check us out.

There you're free to post anything about geek culture using the Wordpress system and if you make a few decent posts we'll let you through unmoderated. Also check out our speakout area which basically acts as an active forum. We're small now but we're definitely growing.

I'm very proud of its design and color scheme too.

check out the link below.
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