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P - Aida and Ithilda

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So next up are Aida for :icondekoponi: for winning Perfect Match and Ithilda for :iconnicydes: for winning the 2nd prize in my DTIYS event!

Damn such pretty characters, I'm excited to see more of these two and their story since i saw the first artwork of them! :3c Aida looks so precious with all of his seriousness and damn Ithilda has such an amazing and pretty design! I was also happy to get some long hair again that I could use as some kind of frame~ salmon heart bullet 

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>> Commissions <<
Aida (he/him) (c) by Dekoponi 
Ithilda (she/her) (c) by Nicydes
art (c) by me Isi-Daddy

done with Wacom Intuos pen tablet, Photoshop and SAI
duration: 1h each

 All rights reserved
Do not take, use, reupload, edit etc
 my work without my prior written permission
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MarcooftheMoon's avatar

oooooh look at those colourful babies :3 :la: or it is mostly Ithilda being colourful yet Aida looks amazing next to her they are kind om complementing each other in a way - a really nice way like they have the same for a palette yet one is lighter and less saturated and the other has these rich satuations and having them next to each other like this makes both look more interesting if it makes sense :dummy: they still look amazing one on one :3

Aida looks like a little grumpy kid and I love little grumpy kids x'D what a nice light blond/platin blond hairdo for him ^V^ there's something particularly nice with the big shadow in the back I cannot tall you why :'D Such lovely heterochromatic eyes bringing some colour to his otherwise very brown and white design :happybounce: gotta love that Isi nose :3 really nice outfit with the hoodie being my favourite part :dummy: :3

Ithilda oh wow I definitely agree with you here her design is amazing and looks like such a pleasure to draw as well OVO the little blue and golden deails in an otherwise warm red, brown and black design is *chef's kiss* and what a kind face she has :3 lovely lips, nose and bright eyes and hat is really cool :la: I don't think I'd a) be able to wear it as well or b) draw it as well so it needed some extra appreciatetion :dummy: hahahahah yasss the braidframing is back x'D okay with a character like Ithilda I can understand why you chose fall-Atlas x'D this way we wouldn't have two long braid characters next to exacht other :dummy: x'D is it a little gradient I see in the hair or is it the shading playing tricks on me :3? no matter what I like and and you may know by now I am a sucker for using hair as a framing device :dummy: x'D

Great job with both of these :happybounce: :hug: <3

How many cell shaded busts do you have left now :3? just a curious fox x'D

Isi-Daddy's avatar

Yeees :la: it's probably Ithilda x'D Aida is rather plain in colours except for his pretty eyes, else he's more natural coloured, even though there is a design that is more blue than the one I chose with the black and brown which gives him a less saturated and natural colour feeling :'D Yes, it makes sense!! x'D

He's more like the serious one, but I know, my grump comes through here x'D haha thanks for loving the big shadow! x'D

Yes, I know right?! Totally agree with you here, with the contrast of her golden details! :la:

haha wow thank you for such a compliment, that's sweet! x'D but tbh I always start sweating when I have to draw hats, I know it's not my main speciality x'D that was not a reason but can be seen as one x'D I actually didn't check the characters before starting to draw. Of course I knew a few but Ithilda was one I didn't know and since it's been a few months the last time I saw her, I didn't remember her design that well and Atlas was drawn before her, so the braid was not the reason, I just wanted to draw Atlas wild hair x'DD yes, there is a soft gradient from rose to bright blonde so no tricks :'D I know my gradient like shading on top of the cell shading can be a bit confusing in that matte which is why I made it a bit more obvious :'D

Thank you! :la: There are 5 busts left. 2 will be uploaded today, and the other 2 will be uploaded separately tomorrow and on Friday :la: There is actually one more bust but that one has to be drawn first and it's something special soooo I kept it for the last :'D

MarcooftheMoon's avatar

Probably true she is quite a colourful girl x'D

I get it my grump gets through a lot of my art as well :'D x'D no problem x'D

glad you liked it :happybounce: ooooph mine neither OVO hats are hard :'3 :'D hahahaha I like how I keep finding clues that turns out not being relevant at all it is kind of funny that way x'D

Oooooh nice I love subtle grants like that :la:

Oh okay so we're halfway it sounds like :3 :la: that's cool I'll look forward to the rest of them :happybounce:

ah I get you x'D it is hard to submit art you're not done with yet :dummy: x'D

Isi-Daddy's avatar

That she is! x'D

we love our grumps! x'DD today you'll see a happy grump, a character that usually is a grump but I was asked to make him smile :'D

yes, I don't know what it is with hats but for some reason they always gimme a hard time :'D yep I also find it quite funny, because you clues also make pretty much sense even though it happened differently x'D

yes, almost done through the busts :la: I haven't even start on the last one, but I hope I can finish all of them in February :'D

MarcooftheMoon's avatar

heck yeah grumps are great :la: x'D I saw him and he looks adorable :'D <3 (I just ... went deep into meetings and Douxie yesterday so I am a bit behind x'D)

Hats are strange creatures OVO x'D hahahaha basically yup x'D

Eyyyy congrats :happybounce: whelp there's three-four days left so I'll cross my fingers :'D

Isi-Daddy's avatar

no worries, take you time, I know hat you're busy and I do the same, when drawing that sometimes art has a higher priority than replying x'D

strange creatures x'D seems like hats will soon get their own personality! :'D

Yes, and today the last one will be uploaded :'D so everything is in time :'D

MarcooftheMoon's avatar

thank you that's good we can understand each other that way :'D x'D

everything has personalities :dummy: x'D

oohooooo that's wonderful :la:

Isi-Daddy's avatar

Yes of course, so you never need to worry when you're can't reply immediately, I'm the last one complaining about it :'D

that's good :Dumym: x'D

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THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isi-Daddy's avatar

Thank you so much!!!

Isi-Daddy's avatar

Thank you!! <3

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Agh why is Ithilda so hot~

Isi-Daddy's avatar

Thanks a Lot! :hug:

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T...THIS... THIS IS AMAZING!!!! Screamb (F2U) pink heart {big} pink heart ISI YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW PERFECTLY YOU CAPTURED OUR PRECIOUS BBYS, I LOVE THIS!! Faint 2 :heart: rvmp I don't know how did you manage to give Aida such a pretty softness in his eyes, even when he's so serious! I love it! In the story he is admired by many thanks to his eyes, and this drawing gives it a full reason! Those sparkles and bright colors hhhh-!!! Love Hearts Fangirl Icon Thank you also for drawing the grey shirt under the hoodie. Some may think it's not a big deal but Aida doesn't like to show off skin so he wears high neckline shirts <3 His white hair looks so smooth and silky, i truly wish i could touch him without dying TvT)/ THAT ADORABLE WAY THEY'RE GLANCING AT EACH OTHER MAKES MY HEART GO ALL DOKI DOKI Oshawott cry plz :heart: rvmp ( *cough cough* we ship those two, their relationship slowly developes asdjfhsdf



You made her so pretty that i want to see so much more of her from you!! Attack Hug Pink Heart Icon When you posted this i couldn't stop staring at these and i still can't stop, YOU ARE ONE OF MY TOP FAVE ARTISTS ISI Cry forever WHY MUST YOU BE SO GOOD HHH-!!!! Chiyo Fangirling Icon I FEEL SO LUCKY TO GET THESE FROM YOU, AND I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MORE THROUGH ART TRADES!! :heart: rvmp THANK YOU THOUSANDS OF TIMES!! :heart: rvmp Pink Heart Icon hug

Isi-Daddy's avatar


I appreciate your detailed feedback a lot and I'll treasure it!!

Do I read something about shipping them? I'm listening Zoom Eyes I wanted to make them look at each other because of your artworks and that they were partners, I didn't think about a ship here at all but it is super cute thinking about it now!!! 2017YupiANanEmote001

omg thank you!! you're truly honouring me!!! 2017YupiANanEmote002

And I agree 10000 times that I also can't wait for more art trades aaaaaah Hug

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omg, they're gorgeous!rainbow heart 2

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Thank you! <33

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