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Oil, Iron and Wolfsbane

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Halloween Chibis part 1!

For everyone who's wondering about their costumes: Saira is Doctor Frankenstein with a small Frankenstein's Monster plushie similarities with Avarus are coincidental and Darya is a werewolf.

I actually had something completely different in my mind but the original idea is also be a perfect Christmas picture, also because it's a pretty big project again and I wouldn't have made it till Halloween. But I still wanted to make something mostly because I already had a costume for everyone and they have to wear them!
So I decided to draw all of my OCs as chibis. :la:

Since there isn't much time left and I have to study and to work so there is even less time left, I wanted to make rough and simple coloured sketches.... Unfortunately neither rough nor simple is my second forename....
Who cares. :la:
I actually thought they'd make adorable keychains~
A poll is following later because I'm not sure if I can draw all of my OC until the 31st October so you'll decide who's going to be next!
before you can decide which duo will be next I have another problem... means another poll *cough*

oh and btw I couldn't really decide between a transparent background (perfect for the keychain idea) or this dark background here, I only tried out of fun~
Oil Iron and Wolfsbane dark by Isi-Daddy

It's Friday the 13th! :dummy:

yours, :iconisi-daddy:

_ _
Saira, Darya and art (c) by me Isi-Daddy

Police Bullet; RedDon't use it without my permission!Bullet; RedPolice 

Bullet; Blueworking with: Photoshop and SAI
Bullet; Blueduration: 8h
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KrysaVoronaHobbyist General Artist
Wow, ich kann es nur immer wieder wiederholen, deine Bilder sind soooo mega! :love: Ich mag die Anatomie von deinen Chibis übrigens total gerne, es gefällt mir sehr gut, dass sie irgendwie nicht so 'klopsig' wirken, wie viele andere Chibistile.  Aber eben trotzdem immer noch total niedlich. :D Auch die Colo ist einfach mal wieder atemberaubend. Besonders die Details bei den Haaren sind einfach wunderbar, da möchte man einfach am liebsten mal reingreifen und durchwuscheln, haha. 
Isi-Daddy's avatar
Isi-DaddyHobbyist Digital Artist
Dankeschön!!! >///< ♥
Das freut mich mega, ich hab immer bedenken, dass meine Chibis vllt weniger süß sind/gemocht werden, eben weil sie nicht klopsig sind, und irgendwie die jeder mag. Ich hab die auch mal so gezeichnet, der Grund wieso ich sie geändert hab: Wie halten solche Chibis Händchen, oder wie knuddeln sie sich? Die Köpfe sind so groß, dass sich ihre Hände nie berühren könnten x'D Manche kriegen das gut hin, bei mir sah's immer sehr komisch aus :'D
Bei den zwei Mädels will ich aber auch immer durch die Haare wuscheln. kaomoji set 1 7/19 Dankeschön noch mal, über dein Feedback freu ich mich sehr! ♥
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andropov97Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Endlich zur Halloweenzeit angekommen -3-)9Spooky 

Ich muss vorab sagen ich liebe diese kleine Serie die du geschaffen hast *3* ♥
Und der Titel klingt wie der Anfang einer Zauberformel >w<
Die titel sind alle sehr originell und passen perfekt -3-)9

Dr. Frankenstein sieht sehr sehr schick aus ich liebe die Klamotten, die Stiefel und die goggles, sie haben was Steampunk-mäßiges *A* und Saira hat ne andre Brille bekommen als sonst o3o)/
Das kleine Monsterchen welches grade bearbeitet wird ist ein knuffel, ich glaube nicht dass da jemand angst haben würde xD aber ich finde ihr Kostüm ist sehr originell und gut durchdacht. Würde mich nicht wundern wenn jemand sich das als Idee für Halloween abgucken würde >w<

und Darya ist ein werwolf *3* :heart:
ich mag die flauschigen Ohren und die coolen pfoten -w-)9
Die Jacke und die stiefel sind aber noch besser mit dem Fell *3*
DER Hg ist richtig creepy mit den Blitzen und dem Vollmond der über alles thront *A*
*Free Icon/Emote* Halloween Pusheen Dancing Pumkin head 2 Dancing Pumkin head 4 
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Isi-DaddyHobbyist Digital Artist
Zum Zeitpunkt deines Kommentars wars auch shcon längst vorbei :'D

Ja, hab mir für jeden was passendes ausgedacht, auch wenn vllt eine Zauberformel weniger zu Frankenstein und nem Werwold passt xD

Japp, so sollte es auch sein, also das Steampunkmäßige, bin auch sehr zufrieden mit dem Design, deswegen hab ich auch die kleine Serie gemacht, weil ich ursprünglich was anderes machen wollte und ebe ndas Design schon fertig hatte xD
Japp, gut erkannt, ist ja auch Dr. Frankenstein o3o)/
aaaahhw dankeschön! ;A; :heart:

Darya gefällt mir mit ihrem Flaushc auch ganz gut, passt auch zu ihrer Mähne xD

dankeschön! *3* :heart:
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PanartiasHobbyist Traditional Artist
I know I'm a bit late to comment on your Halloween-pics, but I'm finally there!

Very well done as usual! Love 
Isi-Daddy's avatar
Isi-DaddyHobbyist Digital Artist
It's never too late to leave a comment. I'm always happy to receive some :hug:

Thank you! :hug:
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PanartiasHobbyist Traditional Artist
You are welcome! Hug 

BTW don't feel obliged to answer to every comment of me. I know it is a little like spam, because I've been away for so long!
Isi-Daddy's avatar
Isi-DaddyHobbyist Digital Artist
No worries, I don't feel obliged to answer to them. I just want to and as you may have noticed sometimes I answer only a few comments at a time or I can't reply at all. It depends on how busy I am. :D
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TheEccentricCitricHobbyist Digital Artist
Aaaah gosh these cuties!! I really love the design behind their outfits, it works really well and looks great on them!! 
I have to admit Saira in that lil suit with her hair up is the most adorable thing I've ever seen omfg :heart:
and Darya's so pretty!! I really love her hair and she makes for a pretty werewolf!! :heart: 
Isi-Daddy's avatar
Isi-DaddyHobbyist Digital Artist
aaaaah thank you so much!!!! ;//v//; It makes me so happy to hear you love my girls ;^; :heart:
Saira was the reason for making those Halloween chibis /)v(\
Miarath's avatar
Miarath General Artist
Looking awesome!
Isi-Daddy's avatar
Isi-DaddyHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks a lot! :heart:
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Miarath General Artist
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ChowkeyoHobbyist General Artist
Ladies night out? xD
Isi-Daddy's avatar
Isi-DaddyHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, somehow x'D
You know I made kind of a ladies night out but Avarus interrupted. I hope I can upload it one day :'D
SafeGaming89's avatar
From my perspective, it almost looks like Saira's fiddling with Darya's ear. XD

The Halloween them is hauntingly beautiful. :love: Your soft and smooth artstyle puts a smile on my face everytime. :aww:

Lovely work as always!~ :D
Isi-Daddy's avatar
Isi-DaddyHobbyist Digital Artist
haha omg you're right! x'D I didn't notice until now x'D

awww thank you so much! That means a lot *tries to find words which show how much I appreciate your comment but is unable to think* Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1]
I'm really really glad you like it! :tighthug:
SafeGaming89's avatar
Yeah, i thoroughly enjoy pointing out details like that. XD

Aww, you're very welcome as always!~ And yes I do. very much! :D:tighthug:
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Isi-DaddyHobbyist Digital Artist
It's always nice to know what others see in my pictures x'D

SafeGaming89's avatar
They do very much hehe!~ :tighthug:
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LisaDay2236Hobbyist Artist
Okay omg this is adorable XD like insanely adorable ;o; I'll be so excited to see the others that follow after this! x3c let me say this again SO ADORABLE!
Isi-Daddy's avatar
Isi-DaddyHobbyist Digital Artist
aaaah thank you so much!!! ;3; I had so much fun designing their outfits, also the new ones will be very nice but maybe I shouldn't add so many details when I want to draw them all :ashamed:
CelestialInk's avatar
CelestialInkHobbyist Traditional Artist
I adore this picture. I actually  have somewhat of a fondness for Halloween art and costumes, though I've never celebrated myself. Love Love Love 

Your girls look gorgeous and the lighting effect just highlights their beautiful eyes. Also, I'm loving their hair. I love the way Saira's is pulled out of her eyes to be more practical, while Darya's is curly and wild. :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 

As for their costumes. The choices are perfect! I love the semi-aviation look Saira has, and it's somehow coming across as a bit steam-punk (if I can use that term here?Ashamed???) The googles are beautiful and I love the waistcoast and boots. I like colour combination as well--brown and gold!

As for Darya, I love how you've created the costume, with fur lined boots, ears, a tail and paws.Love  It looks so comfortable--I want to wear it!

Oh, and I like how the background has lightning to represent the monster coming to life, and a moon for the werewolf. Dance! 

Coincidental similiarities to Avarus?Giggle Giggle Giggle Never!  
Isi-Daddy's avatar
Isi-DaddyHobbyist Digital Artist
I also don't celebrate it, but I also love seeing pictures and costumes :blush: and I like to design new clothes for my characters :giggle:

Their hair! It was a pain in the ass! Why have I made their hair so curly? Yes, I know why, I love curly hair, but it's still a pain in the ass colouring it. :faint: I wanted to make a more stringent pony tail, but her hair is too unruly so I leave her one curled strand :rofl:

Yes, you can use steam punk, as I said I want to make my designs slightly steam punk related. :D
What you see isn't a waistcoat it's an apron.
Yes, I wanted to give her some new colours also I think brown really fitted the situation here. You don't see the stains when she's working on her creations :giggle:

I didn't want to make her a fury so I decided to add details to her clothing to make her a were-wolf instead of turning her really into one.

Yes, exactly! I'm happy you noticed the purpose of the lighting :giggle: I thought it would be a nice detail to add.

No, no Avarus here. Do you see him? I don't... :giggle: It was supposed to be Avarus, he also had his hair, but then I thought no one would realise it's Frankenstein's monster so I turn it into the normal monster but he still somehow reminds me of Avarus :blush:

Thank you so much for all the lovely feedback ind compliments! :heart::tighthug:
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