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Isi | 2nd Oct | any pronoun | Ger/Eng

Hello, I'm Isi, a self-taught hobby artist + part time freelancer from Germany. I started visualising my webcomic A Glimpse of Eternity in 2020 but due personal reasons it's been on hiatus for a while now. Anyway I love drawing my OCs even though you'll mainly only see Avarus in this gallery. ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

Dan Approved

commission/Art Trades: closed ❀ Requests: never

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A Glimpse of Eternity

The Sins once created to keep balance, grew tired of fulfilling their purpose. One of them even dared to wish for a mortal life, but will they get it granted?

The knowledge of the once received gift by the Gods faded in obscurity, but was never completely forgotten and carried within the hearts of those who sought to escape the obedience of the invisible hand that was steering them.



Avarus~ ❤

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In case you need an example, check out mine:


No Respect for Disrespect

about my OCs

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And here some special features from the fanarts I got

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[ArtFight] Avarus and Saira
(2019) Avarus and Saira by mioko-san
(2020) Avaira by Zuki
Lord of the Lost Stamp

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Thank you for the llama!

you're very welcome! <3

how did you get your senior member badge?

There are some points you need to fulfil, like being part of dA for at least 3 years, being active in the community, by also being active beyond replying to comments you get.

In my case it's because I write a lot of long novel comments with detailed feedback on art and at that time I was part of the community for 15 years. So it depends on your impact on dA.

All details can be found here:

Conor And Harry Collage

Hi, You know about of A Monster Calls, i really wish a fanart of the shipping of Conor and Harry in your style.

Hi, my commissions are currently close and I do not do fanart for commissions, sorry.