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This drink. I like it! ANOTHER!!
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A sinful Glimpse
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Avarus~ ❤

Change can be beautiful by Isi-Daddy, visual art

How Pride are you?

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Pink is Metal
Colourful Music
Just bi Yourself
Two is better than One
sometimes less is more
When the Colour of Love is Green
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Attraction is a matter of Connection
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Cibia Chibis reihe 2

by @ladycibia

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And here some special features from the fanarts I got

(2019) Avarus and Saira by mioko-san
2021-07-16 - Hardrock-Metal AU Sign me the hell up
(2020) Avaira by Zuki
[ArtFight] Avarus and Saira
Commission isi-Daddy
Kirian (commission 4/4)
(2020) Makaro by LaurethDK
(2020) Laneia by RlanOlivia (C)
(2020) Richard by annablume
Pink is for Punching [AT]

Chibi Jam Session

The 7th Sin by Isi-Daddy, visual art

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Isi | any pronoun | Ger/Eng

Hello, I'm Isi, a self-taught hobby artist + part time freelancer from Germany. Misc Emoji-11 (Stars) [V1] I started visualising my webcomic A Glimpse of Eternity in 2020 but due personal reasons it's been on hiatus for a while now. Anyway I love drawing my OCs even though you'll mainly only see Avarus in this gallery. ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

Art Status

commission: closed ❀ Art Trades: closed ❀ Requests: never

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I love your art so so much!! :rose: :heart:

- Itsumi :rose: :rose: :heart: :heart:

Thanks, glad that you like it!! ;0; <33

Do you happen to draw art trades or requests? If not then it’s ok. Thanks!

Nope, atm I only do trades with friends and commissions are closed. :3

Ok thanks anyways…

Did you know "Isi" means dad in Finland, so I will call you daddy-daddy :D Nice gallery btw, just had to comment :P

Yep, I know, that was intentional :D I'm like Moon Moon haha

and thank you <3