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2017 goals

Thu Dec 29, 2016, 8:43 PM
1. design more characters for all my projects and push design skills (20)

2. learn more about colour and lighting/shading

3. draw more full illustrations and landscapes

4. finish 50 missions in TG & get Ari to chuunin rank

5. sketch often. whittle down fanart list (20)

6. undertake and finish a BIG illustration

7. improve in inking - more detail!! 

8. practice drawing detailed items and structures

9. work on WorldRoad, The-Pandora-Project & Fury more (a lot more)

10. keep pushing my art by experimenting with composition, texture, color, perspective, symbolism, dynamic posing, shading and lighting etc

Star! What are your goals for 2017? Star! 

Ari's Bonus Arc Availability

Wed Dec 28, 2016, 11:26 PM
Just comment below if you wanna do something with Ari for one of these events. I'll be drawing him in his latest design (purple one).
Don't be afraid to comment even if our characters don't even know each other just yet - this could be good material for new meetings/bonds. 'v'

Bonus Arc: The Seasons After Fall  Winter in Tōrōgakure.

     :bulletred: Season of Stories: Hideaki can be found telling stories about Yukimura and Tannosuke, 
maybe you've heard them before, but somehow you're overcome by a childhood nostalgia. 
          - Ari and Yoshi 

     :bulletred: Season of Singing: As mentioned, there's not much to do during winter in Tōrōgakure. 
Children often go door to door singing songs − Though Uranami are the most appreciated.
          - Ari and Taku are hanging out one afternoon when they are surprised by a group of Uranami kids singing at their front door. One of them is Taku's student!

     :bulletred: Season of Lanterns: It is now the dark season. The sun sets earlier, and spirits prowl. 
What better way to ward off the malevolent spirits than to hang lanterns outside your home?
          - Ari has managed to rope Kaibun into hanging lanterns with him. 

     :bulletred: Season of Warding: Omamori are amulets that give protection, luck or even wishes.
It's common practice to make them but especially during winter, the most dangerous season. 
          - Kaibun sticks around to make omamori with Ari, and to make sure Ari doesn't get into any more mischief. 

     :bulletred: Season of Godliness: It's about time to replace the Kamidana, be sure to do it right!
A kamidana cannot be set up on the ground or at eye level, and should never be walked under.
          - Ari and Moyura 

     :bulletred: Season of Tea: There's nothing better to warm up with than a hot drink by the Irori
especially when the whole family is packed around. Hitoyo are especially fond of this tradition. 
          - Hibiki Ari and his family sit around the Irori at his mother's home, sipping tea and chatting. Hinoiri and her family have showed up to join the fun!

     :bulletgreen: Season of Chocolate: As snow is very uncommon in Tōrōgakure, it's often romanticized.
As such, Girls often make small confession chocolates for their crush during the winter season.

     :bulletgreen: Season of Flowers: Flowers are difficult to find during winter, so no one expects them. 
So pressed or preserved flowers are used a surprising gift to one's loved ones during winter.

     :bulletgreen: Season of Kisses: Koinobori are decorations that grant luck and health to children, 
But did you know it's tradition to kiss when beneath one? You can thank Kōsetsumura for that.

TG Bond Idea

Sun Nov 27, 2016, 3:19 AM

Heyo HiddenLanternVillage people, if I may have your attention for a moment. 

I've had an idea: Perhaps in Ari's childhood there was a group of kids from Group B & C (ages 18-22) who hung out, went on adventures, played ninja, hunted for ghosts, and got into mischief by pulling pranks and stealing and sneaking out at night and shit. This group would be 5-6 friends who could still be friends/a group currently!! I'm not sure what this group would be called just yet (haven't come up with anything great just yet) but they could have had a secret handshake, clubhouse, or some sort of item/clothing piece that they all had to show their friendship. Also maybe there was some sort of induction into the group that could make for some funny situations.

I just thought this idea would be a chance for Ari to have some deeper bonds with some people! And also it could create some cute/funny things to draw for the Academy Arc or your OC's childhood. 
So if you're interested and your character is 18-22 right now (post-TS), post a comment and let me know any other ideas you have!

the show must go on by isi-a

Little devil group members so far:
- ari
- yoshi
- hinoiri
- kagura

Moved from a status for easier access 👌💕

My question is:

Would any HiddenLanternVillage people be willing to volunteer their OC to appear in some missions with Ari?

Right now I'm only on arc 1 so it'd be pre-timeskip designs. >v< But if you'd like them to appear in post-timeskip missions instead, let me know!

Basically; I'm just asking for permission to draw your character in Ari's missions. I'll make sure that it takes into account what you and other people have drawn your character doing so your OC isn't in two places at once. XD

Hibiki, Ari [Post-TS] by isi-a

.:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-Chiu Hinoiri Hibiki - pretimeskip ✔ (arc 2 maybe?)
.:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-Chiu Kaibun Minawa - pre or post ✔ 
.:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-Chiu Inabikari Kaminari - pre or post ✔
.:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-Chiu J's new OC - pre ✔ (once design is up)
.:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-Chiu Hakuzo Kitsune - pre ✔ (once design is up) 
.:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-Chiu Harumi Asukai - pre 
.:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-Chiu Anzu Mansei - pre 
.:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-Chiu Masashi Hitoyo - pre ✔ (arc 2 and onwards)
.:Mini star bullet 01:. by Chipi-Chiu Tamie Aoki - pre and post ✔

OC-PMV (Song Collab): OPEN

Fri Jan 15, 2016, 9:39 PM
PMV (picture movie show) is a collection of images drawn to the lyrics of a song. Sort of like this: [link] 
You pick a line of lyrics then draw an image that fits those lyrics. 
If you'd like to contribute, please read all the rules! There's a password in there that you will need to participate. * v *


- Please include the lyrics somewhere in your drawing (and they must be legible/readable!).
- The image should be 2000(w) x 1600(h). You can start on a bigger canvas and then re-size it when you're done if that's easier~
- 2 Lines (per person) maximum. If you finish, you can ask for another line! 
- Human OCs/fanart only 
- The focus is warriors, knights, gods & royalty. Try to incorporate that into your piece! I'm going to draw my characters as knights & kings. 
- The picture must be in black & white (like a manga). If you don't want to do a detailed background (who can blame you), please make the bg plain white!
- No watermarks, gifs, gore or nsfw pls
- First come first serve. I'd love all the help I can get! You just need to be able to draw people digitally (traditional might work if you can resize it!).
- The password is c-: Please put it in your comment so I know you understand what you're supposed to do.

The song I've chosen is Viva La Vida by Coldplay.

Themes: nostalgia, reflection, triumph, boldness, victory, acceptance (this might be useful:… )

:star: I used to rule the world ➨ isi-a DONE
No Star Seas would rise when I gave the word ➨
No Star Now in the morning I sleep alone ➨
No Star Sweep the streets I used to own ➨

No Star I used to roll the dice ➨ 
No Star Feel the fear in my enemy's eyes ➨ ccpuppy10
No Star Listen as the crowd would sing ➨
No Star "Now the old king is dead! Long live the king!" ➨ ccpuppy10

No Star One minute I held the key ➨ SilverKnight27
No Star Next the walls were closed on me ➨ SilverKnight27
No Star And I discovered that my castles stand ➨
No Star Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand ➨

No Star I hear Jerusalem bells a-ringing ➨
No Star Roman Cavalry choirs a-singing ➨
:star: Be my mirror, my sword and shield ➨ isi-a DONE
No Star My missionaries in a foreign field ➨ LegibleGrub

No Star For some reason I can't explain ➨
No Star Once you're gone there was never ➨
No Star Never an honest word ➨
No Star But that was when I ruled the world ➨

No Star It was the wicked and wild wind ➨ raiinsoaked
No Star Blew down the doors to let me in ➨ raiinsoaked
:star: Shattered windows and the sound of drums ➨ LegibleGrub DONE
No Star People couldn't believe what I'd become ➨ Michiyo1234

No Star Revolutionaries wait ➨
No Star For my head on a silver plate ➨ CherriSummer
No Star Just a puppet on a lonely string ➨
:star: Oh who would ever want to be king? ➨ isi-a DONE


i used to rule the world by isi-aoh who would ever want to be king? by isi-a

2016 goals

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 31, 2015, 4:46 AM
1. do SGPA fruit project
2. practice landscapes & environments
3. finish requests
4. do 10 new blood trail character designs
5. start planning BT script/plot
6. finish another sketch book

My Wishlist

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 30, 2015, 12:35 AM

Mini Gift Exchange - CLOSED

I'm hosting a gift exchange!!

01 Night travelling through the woods in Autumn
02 WestNoelle arm wrestling
03 Siphon making potions, or out collecting ingredients (picking herbs in a forest or buying stuff in a marketplace)
04 March and Night eating icecream on the beach, or Night drinking out of a coconut & March eating a watermelon
05 Night in the ocean, looking grumpy & wearing water wings because she can't swim LOL
06 Urban Samurai sitting on a train or eating a hot dog from one of those New York street stands 

Don't worry about doing a background if you aren't comfortable with those. > v <
I'll love anything you make for me!! <3

Mini Gift Exchange - CLOSED

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 29, 2015, 2:08 AM

Thanks for such amazing pieces you lot!! <3 This went really well so I might do another when I have time. > v <

Looks like it's just us four~~ :>

I am looking for about 8 digital artists to participate in a mini gift exchange!
This event works like a 'secret-santa', where you will be assigned someone to draw a gift for and then have about a month to complete your gift.

Deadline to Sign-Up: April 3rd @ 11:59 PM
Deadline for wishlist: April 10th @ 11:59 PM
Deadline for art: May 10th @ 11:59 PM
➨ That gives you a week to come up with a wishlist, and then a month to draw your gift. 
If you don't get your wishlist in by the deadline, I will have to drop you from the exchange. :c

:damphyr: Rules

★ Keep your giftee a secret until you submit their present!
★ I will send the notes out just after the deadline for wishlists ends.
★ Don't sign up if you already have a lot of other work to do, or think you will be busy with school/work/life. 
★ I (isi-a) will make up any gifts that aren't done by the deadline.
★ Write up your wishlist in a journal of your own, and then link it to me in the comments.
★ No bases, tracing, pose programs, traditional art, or crafts! This is a focus on digital art, and you must create it from scratch.
★ Try to put a lot of effort into your piece. You might make someone's day! I'd recommend attempting more than one character, and perhaps even a background.

:damphyr: Wishlists

★ Your wishlist is a list of scenarios, concepts or ideas that you would like to receive. They could be of your OCs, a canon character or anything you like really!
★ Keep in mind that these are gifts, not orders, and your gifter doesn't have to draw exactly what you ask for.
★ Also, remember to include links to your character's references. 

isi-a ➨ My Wishlist
Art exchange by indigo-chan99
TheRedCrane ➨ .: Isi-a's Gift Exchange! :.
GE: TheRedCrane by isi-a
indigo-chan99 ➨ my wishlist
AE: indigo-chan99 by raiinsoaked
raiinsoaked ➨ .: isi-a's swagarino gift-exchange! :.


SGPA fruit project!!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 26, 2015, 10:32 PM
Character Illustration

CSS Skin

Let's do something weird to get SGPA active~~
Pick a fruit below that you think suits your SGPA character, and let me know in the comments. 
If you're lucky, the fruit fairy may come along with a little surprise!!

◇ cherry -> Yosei @ BeNic14 DONE
◇ raspberry -> Dysta @ Meibatsu
◇ strawberry -> The Critic @ criticU
◇ pear -> Synergy @ LegibleGrub
◇ kiwifruit -> Ulric @ BeNic14
◇ orange -> Solar Cat @ Meibatsu
◇ lemon -> Tchandra @ Syreneln
◇ lime -> Aderasteia @ LegibleGrub
◇ pineapple -> Durean @ Atey
◇ peach -> Jezarine @ Syreneln
◇ grapefruit -> Vera @ Syreneln
◇ mango -> Anti Girl @ candycakes19
◇ coconut -> Night @ isi-a
◇ pomegranate -> The Black Cat @ Enthaga
◇ blackberry -> Lilly @ Syreneln
◇ blueberry -> Ninja Geisha @ Japandaa
◇ dragon fruit -> Rebel Striker @ Japandaa
◇ fig -> Aquarius @ AquAlannis
◇ plum -> Nairi @ Michiyo1234
◇ mandarin -> Neptuna @ AquAlannis
◇ olive -> Syreneln @ Syreneln
◇ litchi -> Cia @ Meibatsu
◇ avocado -> Kat @ Meibatsu
◇ guava -> Quetzal @ SAmaryllis
◇ blackcurrant -> Jorah @ Syreneln

Comment below if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.
Isi / isi-a / Studio Isi

Color Palette Meme

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 17, 2015, 10:00 PM

Pick a color palette + a show/character for me to draw!

If you'd like to suggest something anonymously, go to my! Otherwise you can just comment below. Q v Q

The shows/games/movies/books that I'd like to do fanart for are:
  1. attack on titan
  2. avatar the last airbender
  3. ben 10 alien force
  4. bioshock infinite
  5. black lagoon
  6. black rock shooter
  7. claymore
  8. deltora quest
  9. diabolik lovers
  10. ergo proxy
  11. fairy tail
  12. fruits basket
  13. gangsta
  14. howl's moving castle
  15. infamous: second son
  16. inuyasha
  17. jormungand
  18. justice league
  19. kara no kyoukai
  20. karneval
  21. kill la kill
  22. legend of korra
  23. mortal instruments
  24. naruto
  25. one piece
  26. pacific rim
  27. panty & stocking with garterbelt
  28. psycho pass
  29. rwby
  30. samurai champloo
  31. spirited away
  32. star wars
  33. vocaloid
  34. welcome to night vale
  35. witchblade
  36. young justice


2015 goals

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 13, 2014, 11:09 PM

  1. draw everyday
  2. finish work list
  3. finish fanart list
  4. fill my sketchbook to halfway (at least)
  5. complete an art challenge


Art Trades | CLOSED

Sat Sep 6, 2014, 1:27 AM
I'm looking to do an art trade! Post your ideas/charas below and I'll get back to you ASAP if I'm interested~ ♡
If you want more in-depth details as to what I will & won't draw, visit my commission journal here.

No Star 

Commissions (closed)

Sun Aug 24, 2014, 4:44 AM by isi-a:iconisi-a:

:new: PayPal now available! 


  • I have the right to decline or cancel your commission if I have to (as do you!).
  • You can ask to see the sketch, and ask for updates.
  • You can ask for the full-size, original version.
  • You may not use your commission for commercial purposes.
  • You may not ask for a refund.
  • You may not ask me to make changes to your commission once I've finished it, unless it was my mistake.
  • I don't work with written descriptions... complete visual references only pls.
  • I go with the conversion rate of 100 Points = $1
  • The $ prices are weirdly specific to take PayPal fees into account.
  • I don't reserve spots and I don't have a waitlist.
  • Prices are per character (each).
  • Comment here for a slot. (notes are too unreliable)

✔ Female, Male & Non-Binary
✔ Animal Toys & Props
✔ Guns, Robotic Limbs & Armor
✔ Original & Fan Characters (and WoW, LoL, FW, Aion etc charas)
✔ Fanart
✔ Humanoids (mermaids, cyborgs, kemonomimis etc)
✔ Couples & Romance

✖ Hate/Anti-whatever Art
✖ Furries & Animals
✖ Robots, Machines & Vehicles
✖ Gore
✖ Styles other than my own
✖ Realism
✖ Landscapes
✖ Scene/Neon Characters

► sketch - $15.76 / 1500 :points:
► painted - $41.50 / 4000 :points:

► sketch - $20.91 / 2000 :points:
► painted - $51.80 / 5000 :points:


*my paypal email is
*if paying w/ points, pls pay through the 'give' option at the top right of my profile page, or through the donation widget
Buying art with PayPal by onisuu

Skin by SimplySilent (Modified by isi-a)

OC Feature [ no trade required ]

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 27, 2014, 3:49 PM

Hello everyone!! <3 I'm a little bored and I don't feel like drawing so I'm gonna do an OC Feature;; = v =

Just comment below and ill;
- pick one of your ocs that i like the best
- say a little something about what i like about them

If you'd like to, feel free to choose one of my ocs that you like best/the design you like best and post it in the comments below. I'd appreciate it but it isn't required at all *O*

First of all, I love OC's with pointy teeth. don't judge me
Her design is certainly gorgeous, but I think the best thing about her (or at least what that tops it off for me) is that cheeky smile. = v =
Even without a paragraph about her personality, you can already tell she has character just by looking at her. 

I had to choose Arashi, for two reasons. One, I have a weakness for 'quiet & gentle' male characters. > v >
Two, his design. It's quite simplistic, yet still appealing (especially the colour palette). I think he'd fit fantastically into the Naruto world because he just looks so.. in place.

I REALLY love the look of this character. 
I know Hanagakure ANBU outfits are made for efficiency/movement, there's still a sort of.. feminine feel to it which is really cool. 
My favourite thing about her design is her mask though. <3 I just love the idea of a ram for an ANBU mask, and it looks even more awesome with her blonde hair sticking out from behind it~ *O*

August immediately caught my eye because of her blue hair of course. I really like the white tattoo/marking things on her body. *A*
And I love how she doesn't like wearing shoes;; xD

5. Egbertlachupa
 Holy shit it was so hard to choose just one of your characters *A* In the end I went with Rodrick, because both his adorable personality and glorious design charmed me... 
I really love the combination of green clothing and blonde hair. It's always been one of my favourite color schemes!! Also his Ozzy Osbourne glasses and cross earrings just topped off the whole design. <3

Out of all your Beta! characters, Adam is definitely my favourite. dat crooked nose - i love little quirks like that
I love his hairstyle, and of course the whole cyberpunk theme of Beta! > v <
He's really appealing to the eye, especially because of his orange/blue colour scheme. 

7. hyuga-hime
Cali, I actually had the hardest time deciding between Ellie and your lumber jack girl.. *weeps softly*
Her design is just fantastic, probably one of my favourite OC designs ever. I love the snake earring
and her mystical knot tattoo, and the various shades of green in the picture (her dip die, her top, the background) 
make for a really appealing picture overall. I really hope you draw her more because she is so beautiful to
look at. e v e 

Ailia's design is magnificent// Her military theme clothing style is a favourite of mine, and I just love all those buckles and those nice coats and white button up shirts.. *O*
I also really love how scales are a huge part of her design. She reminds me of a dragon. A fiery, righteous, well dressed dragon. xD
her messy bun is such a cute idea for such a stern and built woman. <3

I really really love this OCs design because it's cute and girly, but it still follows the fashion style of the Naruto Universe. 
Her colour scheme is gorgeous too, as they're nice 'earthy' colours without looking like she was slapped by a swamp. xD
I especially love the flower in her hair; it sort of eludes to Hisae working with flowers (or at least liking them a lot). e v e 

I LOVE his design; the straps, the fur.. o A o <3
I like the idea behind his ocular ability too, and how having an eyepatch was incorporated into it.

I've gotta say, I really like his design.
I love sweater vests and plaid, so you get a huge thumbs up there! xD
He has a really awesome colour scheme too, all that red, brown and black. e // v // e

Again with the blonde and green colour scheme, what can i say; it's a weakness. > v >
Her outfit is pretty awesome, I like how it's asymmetrical in a sense.
Also I love the short hair with the bangs pulled back <3

Of course I'd pick Aqua my bby.. xDD <3 I picked Accent as well because I can't contain my feelings for her.. 8D
Aqua is one of the few superheroes that look more like secret agents than superheroes, and that's what I love about her design. It's really realistic to her abilities, while still being original. = v =b
And now for Accent.. I LOOOOVE her wings. So much. That bit of gold armour near the top is really awesome, as well as the other bits of gold in her design; like the arrows on her face and the buckles. I also love how her eyebrows are gradients (are gradiented?? i don't know the word xD) like the rest of her hair~ 8DD
Of course I love her personality too. = v = In fact the love I feel for both Aqua and Accent is starting to feel a little unnatural. o x o

LOVE the colour scheme, baby blue was a good accompaniment to all the pinks/purples of her palette. u v u Her cutie mark is just gorgeous, and I love the idea of her growing fruits and plants for a job. <3

I love the choice of colours for this character. She's easily recognized as a Kurotori, yet she's still got flair in her own style~ <3
The development of her personality is really awesome too; she's clearly evolved from a gentle child to be a very elegant woman, but she still retains class in both age forms. u v u
I really love her design tho, she's one of those characters that I would definitely draw if I ever had time *sob*

New Year's Resolution

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 20, 2013, 6:53 PM


1. get that private project underway if not done 
2. less oc drama, more oc art!!! 
3. learn how to shade things again
4. try my hand at some simple backgrounds/landscapes
5. attempt to animate things
6. finish all sgpa refs and profiles and templates by the end of the year 
7. actually follow my happy reminders guide 
8. reach 500 watchers??? OH THATD BE A FINE THING INDEED
9. make it to a year in Kodaiki-Academy 
10. get that blood trail classy lineup done
11. finish dialogue for au pair forces and get all the characters sorted out!! 
12. make some more friends on here and get to know people better <3
13. get better at rping and stop being afraid of it
14. keep setting up The-Pandora-Project bit by bit

hard-drive dead

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 18, 2013, 9:49 PM

//edit 2 - My new laptop has arrived.. = v = Lost a lot more than I thought i did, but I'm trying to stay positive and focus on setting my new computer up.

//edit - Ordered my new laptop!! It should arrive in '13-20 working days'~ e v e 

Ladies and gents, after a few months of slow deterioration, my computer's hard drive is officially KIA. 
Instead of replacing it I've decided it's probably best to just buy a new laptop. 
I managed to copy and paste a few things onto a Seagate with my lappy's last dying breaths so fortunately I didn't lose all that much of my stuff. u v u 

tl;dr I'll probably be away from dA for a good week or so while I get a new laptop;; Q^Q

Love Isi /smoochies/
first world problems ayyy

Tadaima Biotchibabies

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 16, 2013, 6:50 PM

SCREAAAMSSSI'm back from my 2 month hiatus!! ; v ; 
I've actually been back since yesterday, but I took my time creeping about dA rather than alerting the general public that I'm active again. /pushed off of cliff/

A lot happened in two months! I'm too lazy to write down what you guys missed, but I'll just say that DAYUM IS IT GOOD TO BE BACK. 
I've missed my shitty little hometown. =v= <3 
School is great! Well, everything's great really. The school I'm going to is a lot more relaxed than my last one so I'm fairly certain I'll have more time to draw.. 

As for 'what's next', I've decided to embark on an 'OC Developement Challenge'. This means I'll be focusing on fleshing out my characters, writing more profiles, doing more concept design, and generally chugging out a bit more art for them. I'm quite excited to start that. e//v//e 

My annual (lol i almost wrote 'anal' //CHOKES) mid-year SGPA revamp is back, and this time I will be focusing on Noelle! Her giant profiles are done, I just need to do her SGPA template over, do a couple full-bodies, add an outfit design and other bits and bobs like that. /ugly laughter/

Soooooo yep! On a completely irrelevant note, I've been having massive The-Pandora-Project feels lately. I should design Audrey properly sometime soon /sob sob/

xx Isi

OH AND-- I've been told that I missed a lot on here, so if you have any news or any new projects or passions or whatever, I wanna know!! /i feel like i need to climb out of the social bubble ive built myself and talk to new people on here ahahaha/

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 22, 2013, 7:06 AM

It's time I wrote an official goodbye journal to all my friends and watcheroonies out there! ; v ;

So as most of you already know, yeh isi that's because yoU WON'T SHUT UP ABOUT IT/// I'm finally leaving America to go back home to Australia. u v u
Needless to say, this is pretty much the end of amazing internet opportunities and being active on deviantART for a while.
I'll be relatively busy for about 2 months because I'm going to be spending that time with my relatives in Melbourne, moving back into my old house and then starting school again.
There will of course be time to relax during those two months, which I will probably spend drawing and hanging out with my bootyful cousins. ; v ; ♥
The internet back at my old house is crap anyways and we have actual limits to what you can download off the internet... also me and my beloved Netflix will have to go separate ways. //le ugly sob
Timezones are going to be a bitch as well. Even after my hiatus ends I'll have to see what I can do about Hana's LS. o7o

I'll really miss you guys during that time. A lot of people take the friendships they make over the internet for granted, and it makes me really mad. I've made a ton of irreplaceable friends on here and it'll be hard to leave you for... 1/6 of a year. |D I'll do the best that I can to stay in touch with you all through Skype and over deviantART when and if I get access to internet. 

Well, goodbye my biotchinos, my brochinis, my babies, my bubus and my darlings. Until we meet again. And please, take care of my cabbage farm. You know the dragons like to steal my watering can.
Love from your local gay art dealer/DJ attic hobo.
xoxoxo ~ Isi ♥

godammit can you imagine how many messages im going to have piled up by the end of this whole shenanigan /shakes fist at sky/

LS Quotes [ Shite Hana Says ]

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 22, 2012, 5:52 PM
Character Illustration

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 All right, so this is a collection of funny quotes said by my darling Hanatan and others on her livestream/adoptable brothel.
Submitted as a journal as per request. *v*

LS Family:
:iconhanatan::icontoomuchmusic::iconr-zion::iconcirrusly::icontiniest-peach-dragon::iconmew--pixel::icon21543185::iconliamsi4: and others!! <3

Hana: GIRLS. Be sparkle.

Hana: My Engrish is so good, yes?

Hana: Boobs. Are the topic of the day.

Hana: I'd tap it but I wouldn't pull it if ya know what I mean.

Hana: That poor child is like: 'I have to climb a mountain to see her face'! //referring to huge boobs

Hana: Tit's aside it really is a great series. Well, tits everywhere really.

Hana: I said I would get DRUNK, not espasticated.

Hana: Wait, who's in bits?? CALL THE MENTALIST!!

Hana: *yelling at computer screen* AHHHHHHH- *burp*

Hana: *pauses and looks around* The house is speaking.

Hana: I was tryna say explode-y hole, but then I realized it's the wrong hole it's exploding from...

Becky: We will title it 'Shit Hana Says'
Hana: That's grammatically incorrect. It's SHITE Hana says.

Hana: Her arse should not be that big.

Hana: I think I broke me toe, lads.

Hana: And that's why there's no shit to be had around here, lads.

Hana: Look, we're not racist, we're just having the craic.

Hana: THERE'S PEOPLE HERE. Lookin' at me.


Hana: And I was like 'YUSSS' *tablet pen goes flying across room* ME PEN~!

Hana: Oh don't be cocky you black haired mother fucker! I see you there trying to be all sexy!

Hana: Give me your images.

Hana: Well, you've got enough cheek for two arses!

Hana: I'm getting very Asian.

Hana: Shake it Rihanna! Shake what you got done with that money!

Hana: She's pole dancin' with a seesaw!

Hana: Ahhh, me laaa!

Hana: My tortillas are confusing me.

Hana: I dont give a continental rats ass.

Hana: Hang on a second, I need to look something up and where I'm going is the darkest corner of the internet...

Hana: C'mon Google Chrome! I know your mother!

Hana: I cant tell if hes Oto or just very sexy.

Hana: Fuck all the tits!

Hana: It's so Oto it's Kiri.

Bill: I came up behind her, hugged her around the shoulders and said that this year would be three years that we'd been dating and that I didn't want to have another dating anniversary. I told her that I had already decided who I wanted to spend my life with a long time ago and then proposed. And then I realized the apple crisp was still in the oven XD
--> I know this one isn't supposed to be funny but ITS SO CUTE I JUST HAD TO ADD IT OMG ;________________________________________;

Hana: Hold the boob Hana, you got the boob? Good.

Hana: Sit on that and rotate.

Hana: I ran over a pony!

Hana: Here, RAIN is a temperature.

Hana: A wounded chicken is a chicken burger.

Hana: Random ass sinks in the bathroom.

Hana: I liked her! She had 3 horns on her forehead...

Hana: It was hard to bend over for that.

Hana: Go home and learn to Photoshop because you obviously can't SAI.

Hana: I'm getting all garden center up in here.

Hana: That's not easy, it's just fuckin' retarded.

Hana: What? Can't jump? You're never gonna make the Olympics now ya fat bitch!

Hana: Kathy the spiders are not going to care if you go in there and drop squats.

Hana: No I will not rub that all over my donkey.

Hana: Don't shove a light bulb up yer hole.

Hana: I have a boner for the shine on his helmet.

Hana: Oh my breath smells foul. I think it's the honeyloops I ate.
Isi: Gurl you can eat my honeyloops whenever you want to. :eyes:
Hana: Girl you better wash out yer cereal bowl before I eat yer honeyloops. Ye smelly whore.


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Hana: I love ya, but I'll hit you in the face.

2017 Craic House

Hana: I'm just a charmer.

Hana: I'll wine you, and dine you, and sober 69 you.

Hana: Ah, my ass is so flat. I'm sorry Isi, my land has depreciated in value.

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Isi / isi-a / Studio Isi

F.A.Q. 2016

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 17, 2012, 11:59 AM

I decided to revamp my old F.A.Q. *O*
As always, if you think of a question that isn't up here, feel free to ask away!! ♥


What's your name?
You can call me 'Isi'. 

How old are you?
i am a ten year old boy jk- under 20 ; v ; 

When is your birthday?
February 18th

Are you male or female?

Where are you from?

What's your occupation?

What do you want to do as a job?
Video Game Concept Designer 

What's your Skype?

What's your favourite anime?
Ergo Proxy, Psycho Pass, Fairy Tail

What's your favourite manga?
Fruits Basket my baby, Fairy Tail & Gangsta

What's your favourite animated shows?
Archer, ATLA, TLOK, Bob's Burgers, Ben 10 ( c': )

What's your favourite movies?
Whip It, The Fifth Element, Pacific Rim, Mad Max: Fury Road, Wonder Woman 2009

What's your favourite video games?
Halo, Assassin's Creed, & Fable

What's your favorite books?
Harry Potter, Deltora Quest


Who inspired you to start drawing?
Who inspires you to keep drawing?
all of my friends really ♥ they support me and inspire me with their improvements
And Kutty-Sark & rann-poisoncage. They are probably my favourite artists ever. > v >

What is art to you?
Art is my passion. It's given me a lot of inspiration, self-confidence and direction over the years. u v u

How long have you been drawing?
Coming up to 5 years.

Where did you learn to draw?
I'm self taught! I found tutorials didn't really help me learn so I just sort of.. did everything my own way.

What do you want to improve on?
Definitely arm anatomy and colouring. I'd like to learn some techniques for landscapes too.

Why does your style keep changing?
I don't know. I know what I want my drawings to look like, but sometimes it just takes a lot of trial and error to get there.
 Anyways, until it's perfect, it's gonna look a little funky. xD

What inspires you?
Fashion, Fantasy, Video Games, History, Armour & Food!! 

How long does it take you to finish __?
I tend to work on and off on my pieces, so I can't give you a super accurate time.
If i work non-stop on something in particular, then it'd probably look like this;
Chibis - 8 hours
Full bodies - 2 days
Busts - 4 hours
what else do i even draw OTLLL

Why do you keep deleting stuff from your gallery?
I've stopped doing this!! WOHOO! 

A R T  C R E A T I O N

Paint Tool Sai User by iPPG  Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear Stamp - Photoshop User by firstfear
What software do you use?
I use Paint Tool SAI primarily. I use Photoshop CS5 for text & logos and stuff~

What hardware do you use?
I have a Wacom Bamboo Create tablet, and an Dell: Inspiron computer + monitor. 

What are your pen settings?
How big are your canvases?
They vary. They are generally near 2000 x 2000 pixels.
What do you reference?
I collect poses from everywhere and save them, but there's really helpful sites everywhere.
To name just a few;… (for hands and feet)
- (poses w/ rotation)
-… (timed pose practice)
- (collection of cool anatomy references and tutorials)

O T H E R  P L A C E S

Where can I find your deleted works?
Do you have a tumblr?
No I don't. I used to, but I deleted it. 

Do you Livestream or
I used to.. I might try to do it again sometime.

Do you sell at cons?
No, I'm not at that level yet. I do attend SMASH! every year though. > v <

P E R M I S S I O N / U S E  E T C

Do you take requests?
I used to quite a bit, but not so much anymore. You'll have to look out for journals/polls for future~

Do you do commissions?
Yes, usually in the holidays! There should be links/info on my front page. 

Can we do an art trade, collab or RP?
Maybe, ask me! Important: I'm more likely to accept in the holidays bc I'll have free time. 

Will you make me a tutorial on __?
Maybe, it depends on what it is. > v > I'm not the best person to ask about anatomy/perspective or anything like that, but maybe it's something unique to my style?? 

Can you join our forum/website/tumblr/project/webpage as an illustrator?
No, I'm very sorry. I'm far too busy with school + my own projects. Good luck though!

Why did you stop replying to my comments?
Usually I have no motivation and I just want to clear my message center, or the conversation has slowed down a lot.

Can I draw you fanart?
Of course; I'd be honored and flattered if you did. e//v//e

Can I upload your art to other sites?
I'd prefer you didn't. 
Tumblr is fine with me (as I'm at least familiar with it), but pleasseeee credit me and link back to the source!! Thank you so much! 

Can I reference your pictures?
Yes, but my anatomy style is very stylistic, so be careful of any funky errors. xD

Can you critique my work?
I can't, I'm sorry. I'm so afraid of hurting people's feeling that I just can't say anything bad about their stuff at all LMAO

Can you give me some tips on how to be a fabulous artist/how to improve faster?
I am not the person to be asking, but I'd say;
!) draw everyday if you can, even if it's only small or shitty
2) try new mediums and get out of your comfort zone
3) explore different styles of art, different eras and different culture's styles

Can I make a base out of __?
No, sorry. Maybe I'll make some bases for you to use in the future.

Can I have some points please?
I'm saving up, so I won't give points out these days.