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04 - Chainman's Time
04 – Chainman’s Time
 Ishy, or as the staff at Chainman’s Institute called her,  Jane Elf Doe as no one knew her name, and neither did she.  The crash made her forget a lot of things,  though one thing that didn’t seem to forget, then again it was the muscle that  didn’t forget, nor the strange know how.   The first little bit, Ishy kept getting out of her restraints, and room  to wonder about.  This drove the staff  nuts for a while, they tried all sorts of means, but it wasn’t till they got  her in the zero-G containment area that she settled down. 
 While in being held, the space force had finally tracked  down their missing ship and the missing pilot.   The ship the retrieved rather quickly, but took some time before they  were able to find the wayward pilot.   They did but noted that she was contained, and found that after talking  with the
:iconishy-222:Ishy-222 4 2
03 - Ishy Finds Earth
03 – Ishy Finds Earth
 Ishy’s escape was not long lived.  The new flag ship and a few other battle  ships where on her tail.  Even entering  into subspace she was tailed.  This is  what this fighter was for, the first fighter to enter subspace without the  assistance of a larger more capable ship.   Though the fighter was flawed, as the pilots would end up going mad or  loose their mind, as they are connected to the ship via a head band, where as  Ishy, she was born with this ability with connection cables built into her  head.  Of course she has used this to  connect to computers and other things now, but they still work with this  ship.  Unknowingly she fixed the problem  that the other test pilots where having.   By disabling the security lock and safeties, she was fine to fly.
The large ships had a hard time keeping up, and yet harder  time tracking her
:iconishy-222:Ishy-222 1 3
02 -Ishy A Life of Crime
02 -Ishy A Life of Crime
 Spending a few years after her release of the orphanage, Ishy  learnt how to be a street rat, theft, stealing and a few other things to get  by.  Of course she had the run in with  the local authorities that would bring her in, but somehow she would escape or  she would be released as her crimes where petty and the government didn’t want  to have to house her, it was cheaper to pay for the food or clothes she stole.
Eventually Ishy was stronger, her body rugged, and hardened,  both by her natural resistance, and all the stuff she does to keep fit.  She found those that had robbed her, once  they were able to beat her up, now she was the one that beat them down, agile,  and strong she had both men cowering for their life.  They had sold the pendant years ago, after  erasing the message.  The men begged for  their lives and in turn, Ishy granted their lives as they wou
:iconishy-222:Ishy-222 1 0
History of Ishy - 01 - Child
History of Ishy - 01 -  Child Years
 Born into a very high classed of her race, Ishy's mother was a Duchess  and captain of one of the fleets flag ships.   Ishy was set for life.  She was  part of the long lived space fairing elves, a pure bred to boot where she had a  distinct advantage over the others that had the blue hair.  By the age of three she was an exceptional  pilot for fighters and even got to fly the capital ship, and her father’s  escort destroyer.
 Age 5, Ishy was inducted into the military school that all  her species goes to, for preparation of space travel and dominance over the  worlds that have space travel and are still young in that technology.  No more than a month into training, her  parents where in a battle, the flag ship was destroyed along the fleet.  Her father escaped to be with his daughter,  in doing so disgraced the family.   Punishment to th
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Ishy-Purple-D2 by Ishy-222 Ishy-Purple-D2 :iconishy-222:Ishy-222 30 9 Ishy-Purple-D1 by Ishy-222 Ishy-Purple-D1 :iconishy-222:Ishy-222 19 5 Ishy-White-D by Ishy-222
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Ishy-White-D :iconishy-222:Ishy-222 74 12
Marc's Dragon n Elf by Ishy-222 Marc's Dragon n Elf :iconishy-222:Ishy-222 20 3 DAQ Bad Girl Stare by Ishy-222
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DAQ Bad Girl Stare :iconishy-222:Ishy-222 74 3
Ishy Nomaided by Ishy-222
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Ishy Nomaided :iconishy-222:Ishy-222 171 9


The Barcode (Fanart) by gmil123
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August 2018 #1 - 3rd Place - Miss W by WossaRem
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happy birthday Rosie!! pt3 by CoCo-oCoC
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Full Power by Lerra22
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Style mimicry: Harnesses and eyelashes by Plasma-dragon
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Kennel:: [Revisited] by Rosie-BRS
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Kennel:: [Revisited] :iconrosie-brs:Rosie-BRS 570 19


Well it seems a new year is here.  I think this year I might get a few more things coloured.  But I would really like to finish my little brief history of Ishy and where she has gone too.  Though on the real life side, I might start to try and do real life airbrushing.  Something fun and different to try out.  

Happy new year to everyone.


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You can say I am into a lot of things, and enjoy a lot of things.


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