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Dark souls 3 - The lords of cinder

3 of the bosses in dark souls 3, and their respective npc quests

These will be availiable as prints at Anime expo 2016, Table L31!
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"me thinking about soul of cinder"

"The lords have abandoned their thrones... because they were posing for kick-ass paintings"

I just sad to look at all of the character there. We met them and help to get far but in the end we have to say goodbye too.
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Abbys watchers,god devourer and Yorm the Giant
This is just gorgeous.  some of the best fan art I've seen yet.
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amazingly drawn
love the lay out and i love how you got each lords corresponding ash in their picture :D
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I think this might be my favorite Dark Souls 3 fan art :D Very well done.
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Poor Gwyndolin :(

Excellent art! :D
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For me Yhorm Quest is probably the most saddest of them all. He truly was a lonely Ruler and lost everything he ever loved. Anri'S story is a bit sad too. I kinda relieved that I never told her what happened to Horace.
I just played Dark Souls 3 and finished it but never actually know what happen to Horace but now I just realize what exactly happen to Horace from your last sentence. Very sad indeed.
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Brilliant piece :o (Eek)  !!
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Great Job!!

Just recently finished DS3, and I'd say that you captured the souls of these character in full glory!!!

Color, lighting, tone....Wonderful !!!

For me, these bosses were easy, I slew them in one atempt

The only hard boss for me was Lothric, and The Lord of Cinder himself


At the same time it's beautiful, and brings tears
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Quality work, but the best touch is including the questlines that tie in with the bosses. The stories told in the pictures.
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how can i get them now?
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Please, Ishutani. Open a shop on or Your art is gorgeous! You should share it with the entire world and, also, profit from it. :-D
These pictures are all sad in a way. But idk why 
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If you look up their respective backstories, you'll know why.
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Normally, I would say something I think is funny about here, but nah, man.
This is breathtaking.
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If only Yhorm "The Giant" was really that tall.
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Incredible sir/ma'am, the scaling in the Yhorm piece is just skin tingling.
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Oh my God, this is absolutely amazing.
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