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Dark souls 3 - Abyss Watchers

Abyss watchers
availiable for purchase as a print at AX2016!…
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Boys cry for Artorias and Sif

Men cry for the Abyss Watchers

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I love the Abyss Watchers. This is awesome ^^
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I do wonder, is the bastard sword a way of representing hawkwood too or is that just the most generic greatsword/what he found after leaving? Why not a claymore? Was that his original setup for fighting alongside his shield before joining the legion? Dammit man! We need Vaati on the case! No but seriously, this is a really well done and expressive piece of our poor friend hawkwood.
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i think they used the bastard because the blue handle is alot more noticable and different from farron's sword.
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Holy crap, I love it!
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Is that supposed to be Hawkwood or no?
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Of course it is. Now that I look more carefully.
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nobody else in their right mind would use that blue handled bastard sword
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This art is pretty badass though.
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Very true lol
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