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Undertale: Act

By IShot-U
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Such a cute little game I':

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Simple but so meaningful.
I really love this. <3 You made a really great job budd'. 
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I love the smoky look to this... It gives the piece a sweet, mysterious vibe. Your style is really pretty, too. Good job on this piece!
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OMG... This is so COOL... *o* I love everything in this drawing... It's just so perfect <3 Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] 
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this is just a penis talking to a freaking human
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Ooooh I love this Frisk! Especially like the sweater :)
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I really like your art, and I would like to take your arts to create and sell stickers. Can I do it?
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I appreciate that you like them, but please don't do that. 
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Cute? CUTE? Heartbreaking!!! But beautiful. And so is this :3
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This is adorable. The two of them are by themselves, and the background is somewhat dark, but the soft colours takes away from that and instead makes the image more tranquil. 
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Not bad putting on wallpaper for cell phone hahahah :').
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Such a cute game till (spoilers)

You get to omega flowey. That disturbing thing will give you nightmares.
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Hello! I apologize if this message bothers you. I am also a digital artist (a really bad one). I was hoping you could give me advice on shading? I don't mind if you don't answer.  I am still a large fan of your art!~         
                                                           Yours Truly, Fluffles112 <3
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Very eerie scene between Frisk and Flowey here.
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Poor Asriel & trapped in that flower.... I hope one day Frisk will free him. I always wanted to take Asriel with me....
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Psst, hey kid. Wanna smoke some seed?
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This is amazing! <3 
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So awesome words can't describe
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Beautiful choice of colors here!
Well done~! <3
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Man, I really love the art style and the shading.Frisk the Fallen Child Icon 
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