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Shiny Mega Charizard Y | Overheat

Haven't been posting art lately so here's a quick color swap of Mega Charizard Y | Overheat!

More coming soon! Let me know what Pokemon and moves you guys want me to draw next in the comments. Thanks!

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gonna do shiny Mega Charizard X next?
increible trabajo
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How long does it normally take you to make these? 
Also, I LOVE your work :D
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Usually about 2 hours. Thanks!
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Is there a tutorial for this kind of drawing?
Love this style so much!
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Thanks! I haven't made a tutorial yet, but I may do one if there's enough interest!
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Am I aloud to use this for a profile pic? 
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one of my favorite pokemon
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I never noticed how you made the tail flame blue. That's a great touch, considering Mega Charizard Y's fire is much hotter and Overheat uses an extremely high-temperature attack.
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Glad you noticed! Thanks!
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Yep, no problem!
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Man I love your work. Currently, I'm using some of them as my laptop background because it is so well done that I love seeing them everyday. It would be awesome if you could someday do a shiny mega rayquaza doing dragon ascent in this kind of style. :)
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Glad to hear! I definitely have plans for Mega Rayquaza, so stay tuned. :D (Big Grin) 
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That just looks so epic! :) 
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No problem! :) 
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Oh my gosh....absolutely amazing.
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^_^ Thank you!
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looks amazing. I like how you made the image very dynamic and colorfull.

great job
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