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About me

Hello, welcome! My name is Ishmam. I'm a hobbyist and freelance digital artist best known for my power portraits and digital paintings. Please have a look around and enjoy! Or don't, in which case this has all been for nothing.

Feedback is always welcome!

I draw inspiration form these artists, some online, some irl: 
RHADS, yuumei, Kuvshinov-Ilya, bluekomadori, dCTb, danzzila, Gashi-gashi, Leonid Afremov,
Hiroyuki Imaishi, Hasui Kawase, Hiroshi Yoshida, Tetsuya Nomura, Rob Gonsalves, Iris Scott

If you like what you see in the gallery and want to show your support, you can do so by getting a poster, print, or other knick knacks from my Redbubble shop! I also have a Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook page


Pikachu mini sprite - Pokemon Yellow Commissions are closed Pikachu mini sprite - Pokemon Yellow 
Want me to create something for you? Read below to get started.
  • What you get:
    • A drawing of any subject matter, drawn how you want it
    • Exclusive rights to the original, high resolution image file
    • Public credit as the commissioner, unless you don't want it
    • My gratitude!
  • What to do:
    • Send your idea in a dA note or email me at ishmamahmed1 at gmail.
    • Send references and detailed instructions if you think they'll help.
    • I'll confirm the price, may ask for details, and approve the commission.
    • Make the payment upfront to ishmamahmed1 at gmail dot com on PayPal. 
    • Allow ~2 weeks for completion, after which I'll notify you and send the file. 
    • Enjoy the finished product! 
      • Prices may vary depending on the nature of your request
      • I accept payments through PayPal only
      • PayPal and contact: ishmamahmed1 at gmail
      • Posters, prints, apparel, and more are available on my Redbubble shop.


    • Feel free to post my art on social media as long as:
      • you're not claiming authorship (e.g. by reuploading it as your own work)
      • you're not selling it (non-commercial personal use is a-okay)
      • you credit me as the artist where possible ("art by ishmam" somewhere will do)
    • If you'd like to use my art for commercial purposes, please contact me!
      • I don't bite
      • I promise
    • Send a note or leave a comment if you have any questions!

    Future submissions

    • Dragon Pulse | Salamance
    • Moongeist Beam | Lunala
    • Sunsteel Strike | Solgaleo
    • Dialga | Roar of Time
    • Palkia | Spacial Rend
    • Giratina | Shadow Force
    • Arceus | Judgment
    • Ike | Eruption
    • Hariyama | Arm Thrust
    • Lapras | Ice Beam
    • Golem | Rock Blast
    • Crobat | Cross Poison
    • Azumarill | Play Rough
    • Shuckle | Struggle Bug
    • Houndoom | Fire Fang
    • Skarmory | Steel Wing
    • Tangrowth | Power Whip
    • Rhyperior | Rock Wrecker
    • Mamoswine | Icicle Crash
    • Rotom | All forms and moves
    • Samurott | Razor Shell
    • Serperior | Leaf Tornado
    • Darmanitan | Flare Blitz
    • Golurk | Shadow Punch
    • Bisharp | Night Slash
    • Volcarona | Fiery Dance
    • Chesnaught | Spiky Shield
    • Tyrantrum | Head Smash
    • Goodra | Dragon Tail
    • Zygarde | Thousand Arrows
    • Decidueye | Spirit Shackle
    • Incineroar | Darkest Lariat
    • Primarina | Sparkling Aria
    • ...and more! Please keep sending in your requests!


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    VampireSessh Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2019  Student General Artist
    Dude, I love your style! *watches*
    ishmam Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
    Thank you!
    HelloThisIsMyArt Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2019  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
    I really love your art! I can really see the time and effort put in to it! I was wondering if I could use some of your art for my profile picture on another website. Please reply.
    Fandangox Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
    Great art style!
    ishmam Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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